“Pocket SpottyWot” an app for your preschooler

“Pocket SpottyWot” an app for your preschooler

Huh? What on earth is a SpottyWot? And why is it a must-have App for Preschoolers? It is an App that encourages your kid to learn about the diversity of life on this planet

Pocket SpottyWot kids app

Try the Pocket SpottyWot kids app for children learn and play

Always wanted to tickle SpottyWot’s fluffy feet – well now you can with the release of the “Pocket SpottyWot” application, a fun and interactive exploration experience for preschoolers available now on iTunes stores globally, http://itunes.apple.com/app/id487949544 for an affordable $0.99 USD.

What can you do with the SpottyWot?

Just by downloading to your iPad or iPhone, SpottyWot can be tickled, poked, encouraged to speak and even spun around in his hover chair for squeals of fun.  For quieter moments and to encourage rest, kids can also pet SpottyWot to help him go to sleep.

Encourage your Preschooler to learn

Staying true to the brand’s fundamentals of delighting in discovery and celebrating the diversity of life on the planet, the “Pocket SpottyWot” application encourages preschoolers to find and learn more about animals including giraffes, crocodiles, elephants and more in the Sneak-a-Peek viewfinder.

Pocket SpottyWot kids app

Learn through play in the Pocket SpottyWot kids app

“Preschoolers and parents will love this new way to connect with The WotWots.  SpottyWot virtually comes to life in this unique application giving kids a chance to play with one of their favourite characters in a way that is fun, caring and gentle, again reinforcing the basic yet primary principles of the brand.  We have also incorporated an element of exploration with the Sneak-a-Peek viewfinder as we know how much kids love animals and discovery – this application will assist in broadening their knowledge of the much-loved animal kingdom”, said co-creator, Martin Baynton.

In 2011, The WotWots was awarded a Parents’ Choice Award in the Spring 2011 Mobile Apps category for the brand’s free e-book ‘Lanky Landing Legs’.

An enchanting pre-school series

The WotWots is an enchanting pre-school series that follows the adventures of two adorable siblings from outer space, SpottyWot and DottyWot.  This delightful pair of enquiring minds have come to Earth to explore and to marvel at the extraordinary diversity of life on the blue planet. The show celebrates this joy of discovery and demonstrates the positive values that are the building blocks of a true and enduring friendship.

Season one and season two of the vibrant, energetic and colourful learning-based series from Pukeko Pictures is seen internationally on ABC4Kids, TVNZ Kidzone24, The Hub and Treehouse.

Pocket SpottyWot kids app

Foloow the Wotwots to learn and play using the Pocket SpottyWot kids app

The WotWots is broadcast in 90 territories.  American Greetings Properties recently signed on for the worldwide licensing and merchandising rights to the popular preschool property.

For more wots, visit: www.wotwots.com

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