Plank Sourdough Pizza Debuts Exclusive Range of Frozen Sourdough Pizzas at Fairprice Finest Stores

Plank Sourdough Pizza Debuts Exclusive Range of Frozen Sourdough Pizzas at Fairprice Finest Stores

Enjoy “darn good sourdough pizza” by Global Baker Dean Brettschneider at home.

Serving up “darn good sourdough pizza” since its launch in 2015, Plank Sourdough Pizza is proud to unveil its retail range of halal-certified frozen pizzas which will be available at all 26 FairPrice Finest outlets* from 15 July 2020.

Plank Sourdough Pizza

Hand-stretched frozen sourdough pizzas by Plank Sourdough Pizza.

Fans of their famous sourdough pizzas can now look forward to four mouth-watering options; Beefy Pepperoni, Queen Margherita, Spicy Hawaiian and Supreme Veggies – a variety of flavours specially-created for discerning grocery shoppers.

Each (25cm) sourdough pizza is priced at $14.90.

New Zealander ‘Baker Boy’, Founder and CEO of Baker & Cook, Plank Sourdough Pizza and Mo & Jo Sourdough Burgers, Dean Brettschneider shares: “Plank Sourdough Pizza is different. Our sourdough pizzas are hand-stretched and ingredients that we use to dress them are carefully curated. Quality is of the essence and I hope that our customers would find them as delightful as I do!”

Consciously made with no artificial colouring, additives or preservatives, these frozen renditions will impress
sourdough lovers!

He elaborates: “This retail range is exclusively designed for grocery shoppers who would easily drop a flavour or two of our artisanal sourdough pizzas into their cart. Everyone can now savour a slice of Plank Sourdough Pizza, anytime, anywhere!”


Plank Sourdough Pizza is the first pizzeria in Singapore specialising in sourdough pizza. The brand which is known for its cosy neighbourhood locations now boasts five outlets in Singapore, with the sixth coming up at Faber Drive, besides two additional outlets in Saudi Arabia.

Here’s an interesting fact – sourdough, and in this case a 33-year-old starter named Little Johnny, is the DNA of all brands created by Dean. This very same sourdough starter is used to create Baker & Cook’s artisan sourdough bread range as well as Plank Sourdough Pizza’s core products. The pizza dough is made with a combination of flours, natural wild yeast (levain), salt, water and olive oil.

Plank Sourdough Pizza

From L to R: Plank Sourdough Pizza Beefy Pepperoni, Supreme Veggies, Queen Margherita and Spicy Hawaiian.


For two of the pizza options in the range, Dean has conjured a unique sachet of oil infused with chilli or truffle, that will add zing to the baked pizzas. His #flavourtip is to snip the corner of the sachet diagonally and drizzle the aromatic oils evenly over the baked pizzas for a final flourish and burst of flavour!

Plank Sourdough Pizza Debuts Exclusive Range of Frozen Sourdough Pizzas at Fairprice Finest Stores

From L to R: Beefy Pepperoni, Supreme Veggies, Queen Margherita and Spicy Hawaiian.

Spicy Hawaiian – Crowned with juicy pineapple wedges, beef pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, mixed herbs and chilli flakes, this is easily a crowd favourite. A sachet of piquant chilli sauce is included for an added kick!

Supreme Veggies – For those looking for more wholesome and healthier options, this pizza fits the bill with its generous use of roasted zucchini, mushrooms, red and yellow capsicums, black olives, red onions and topped with mozzarella cheese and real basil pesto. A drizzle, or more, of aromatic truffle oil (yes, a sachet is included!) provides extra oomph.

Beefy Pepperoni – A classic and hearty flavour featuring 100% beef pepperoni, Plank Sourdough Pizza’s rendition is brimming with mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese and a sprinkling of mixed herbs.

Queen Margherita – Think traditional and a Margherita pizza will come to mind. This pizza showcases a variety of simple ingredients the likes of savoury and tangy marinara sauce with mixed herbs, mozzarella cheese, cherry tomatoes, real basil pesto and parmesan cheese – this harmonious combination is uncomplicated yet utterly satisfying!

*Prices stated include GST.  All information is correct at time of release.

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