Healthy (And Tasty) Snacks For You and Your Kids In Singapore

Healthy (And Tasty) Snacks For You and Your Kids In Singapore

When it comes to healthy snacks for kids in Singapore, here are some new options which are yumm and loaded with goodness, and good for parents too!

When it comes to healthy snacks for kids in Singapore, we always get stuck for options. The challenge is to make the snack delicious and exciting for our little ones, without compromising on its nutritional value.

Here are some great new options we found in Singapore, which are yummy and loaded with goodness, and good for parents too!

Try these healthy snacks for you and your kids in Singapore

WOAH! Singapore’s First Protein Ice Cream!

Ice cream just got healthy with WOAH! Singapore’s first protein ice cream, which has high protein, low calories, low carbohydrates and low sugar. It comes in 6 flavours (Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Strawberry, Vanilla, Peanut Butter and Cookies and Cream) and is guaranteed to wow all ages.

It is also safe for pregnant women to take.

healthy snacks for kids in Singapore

WOAH! started as a homemade recipe by founder Edward Foo for his mum, who suffered from Acute Myeloid Leukaemia in 2017, and was undergoing chemotherapy. He wanted to provide her with a healthy and tasty option that fulfilled her dietary needs for recovery.

WOAH! Protein ice cream is vegetarian and gluten-free, and contains a powerful amino acid, L-Leucine, which stimulates protein synthesis, assists with building muscle mass, and promotes a healthier lifestyle. It is also high in minerals like calcium and iron.

Where to find WOAH! PROTEIN

Marina One, 5 Straits View #B2-17
(Marina one the heart)
Raffles Place, 5 Raffles place, #B1-19
(Raffles Place MRT xchange)

Also available at selected NTUC FairPrice outlets, Sports Hub, Orchard Grand Court, Sun Plaza,
Singpost, Rivervale Mall, Tampines Mall.

Maxi Mango – Mango Soft Serve

Coming all the way from the Philippines, Maxi Mango is set to introduce its famous soft-serve desserts in Singapore. You can expect to taste its five signature Maxi Mango soft serves: Mango Graham, Mango Keso, Mango Ube, Mango Coconut and the Signature Maxi Mango. The soft serves come in two sizes, 8 oz. ($4.90) and 12 oz. ($6.90).

Healthy (And Tasty) Snacks For You and Your Kids In Singapore

Source: Maxi Mango

Maxi Mango is the brainchild of 31-year-old Miki and Ivan Velasquez. The couple took a leap of faith by investing all their savings into the business before it became the massive success it is today. Since then, the brand has over 43 outlets popping up all over the Philippines in the short span of 10 months. 

Unlike other soft serves, all of Maxi Mango’s soft serves are strictly made with fresh mangoes shipped directly from the Philippines. The juicy sweet mangoes are a perfect complement for the soft serve – the star component of the famous dessert.

Perfect for a hot day in sunny Singapore, get your mango soft serve fix at Maxi Mango’s first outlet in Singapore at Capitol Singapore.

Where to find Maxi Mango

#B2-29, Capitol Singapore

13 Stamford Road, Singapore 178905

(City Hall MRT Station) 

SaladStop! Strawberry Chia Pudding 

Healthy (And Tasty) Snacks For You and Your Kids In Singapore

Source: Deliveroo

As one of the largest and healthiest food chains in Asia, Salad Stop promises its customers tasty and nutritious food. If you have specific nutritional needs, not to worry, SaladStop! offers details nutritional information on all of its food items.

Moreover, all of its food is free from MSG, artificial colouring, preservatives and taste enhancers.

A perfect mid-morning snack would be the Strawberry Chia pudding. Nutritionist Karin Graubard-Reiter recommends having healthy fats like chia seeds and protein like yoghurt to stabilise blood glucose levels. 

You and your kids are bound to enjoy this fresh and healthy treat! 

Order it now from Deliveroo.

OatBerry Granola Kitchen’s Apricot Almond Energy Balls 

If you or your kids suffer from allergies, then fret no more because local shop OatBerry offers allergy-friendly breakfast items. Started in 2015, OatBerry specialises in granola which is a great source of beta-glucan and fibre. Similar to SaladStop! OatBerry also does not use preservatives or refined sugar. 

Healthy (And Tasty) Snacks For You and Your Kids In Singapore

Source: Deliveroo

We recommend the Apricot Almond Energy Balls as an afternoon pick-me-up. Instead of snacking on processed foods such as chips or candies, keep your energy flowing by combining carbohydrates with proteins or fats. 

Order it now from Deliveroo

Gardenia’s Wholemeal & Multi-Grain Bread

In an attempt to encourage Singaporeans to eat healthily, popular bread manufacturer Gardenia has released 15 types of healthier bread variants.

These include the Super Soft & Fine Wholemeal Bread suitable for consumers who prefer softer wholemeal bread texture, Low Glycemic Index (GI) Multi-Grain Loaves suited for consumers with diabetes and Functional Wholemeal Loaves such as Purple Wheat Soft Grain Loaf and Brown Rice & Soft Grain Loaf for customers with specific nutritional requirement.

There is a loaf for every diet. 

Healthy (And Tasty) Snacks For You and Your Kids In Singapore

Source: TheAsianParent

All 15 of the bread range are also endorsed with the Healthier Choice Symbol by Health Promotion Board, Singapore. 

Where to find Gardenia Bread

Available at leading hypermarkets, supermarkets, and selected convenience stores. 

Seriously Keto 

If you are on the keto diet or are considering to get on to it, get your snack fix at the newly opened store of Seriously Keto. The shop which is Singapore’s first and only ketogenic hub has unveiled raw products and ready-to-eat keto products. These include garlic pretzels, ricotta spinach quiche, chocolate cupcakes and even Thai iced tea with jelly! 

Healthy (And Tasty) Snacks For You and Your Kids In Singapore

Source: Seriously Keto

Besides being keto-friendly, all the products here are also low in carb and contain zero sugar. Yes, this extends to the sweet treats as well! When it comes to baked items and butter frosting Seriously Keto uses a sugar replacement known as Swerve that is made from natural ingredients. So go ahead and indulge in your favourite sweet treats without any guilt!

Where to find Seriously Keto 

32 Seah Street 

Singapore 188388

The Garden Club

For mums on the go, the Garden Club provides the perfect location for you to unwind and get some delicious and healthy food in the CBD area. The rooftop bar is designed for conscious eaters or for those who prefer vegan and plant-based alternatives. This is reflected in their menu which is filled with mix-and-match salad bowls with varieties of raw and cooked vegetables. 

Healthy (And Tasty) Snacks For You and Your Kids In Singapore

Source: The Garden Club

One of The Garden Club’s popular item is their $9 quick-serve bowls lunch special. Here, you can select from a variety of bases such as white rice or garden salad, proteins, vegetables, and condiments. The salad ingredients are prepared with fresh with minimal amounts of salt, oil, flavouring, and preservatives. Besides these healthy treats, mums you can also sip on some cocktails at their outdoor area which also houses their garden! Be sure to also check out their live music jams every Thursdays and Fridays! 

Where to find The Garden Club

6A Shenton Way, 

OUE Downtown Gallery, #05-01 

Singapore 068815


Bubble tea lovers, great news for you! Popular Chinese tea brand, HEYTEA has introduced its new healthy alternative, the all-natural “Skinny Sugar” sweetener instead of the standard all-natural rock sugar.


Healthy (And Tasty) Snacks For You and Your Kids In Singapore

Source: HEYTEA

The Skinny Sugar sweetener which is available in more than 90% of their beverages, reduces calories count and sugar intake by a whopping 90%. This is because Skinny Sugar uses the all-natural Stevia sweetener which is a more natural and healthier source of sugar compared to refined sugars. 

Where to find HEYTEA

Clarke Quay:  3A Merchant’s Court River Valley Road, #01-06, Singapore 179020

ION Orchard: ION Orchard Mall, 2 Orchard Turn, #B4-29, Singapore 238801

Westgate, 3 Gateway Drive, #01-25, Singapore 608532 

Mission Foods’ Healthy Wraps 

Household wraps megabrand Mission Foods has introduced its latest range of wraps consisting of three new healthy variations: Reduced Carb, Chia and Quinoa. These new superfood additions will not only add flavour and texture to any hearty wrap dish but they are also high in protein, fibre and anti-oxidant.  Quinoa seeds, for instance, is high in anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties, while chia seeds are packed with omega-3 fatty acids that can raise HDL cholesterol better known as “good” cholesterol.


Healthy (And Tasty) Snacks For You and Your Kids In Singapore

Source: Mission Foods

Parents can give the new chia wrap with this yummy Korean Gochujang Chicken Foldover with Roasted Capsicum and Cucumbersrecipe shown below! 


4 Mission Chia Wraps

4 Chicken thighs, deboned (or chicken breasts)

1 Large lime

1 Large yellow capsicum,

sliced into strips 1 Japanese cucumber,

shredded 1 sprig of Chinese coriander

Marinade 4 cloves Garlic,

chopped 1 ½ tbsp Korean Gochujang

1 ½ tbsp Light soy sauce 1 tbsp Japanese mirin

1 ½ tbsp Sesame oil Pinch of ground black pepper


1. To prepare the marinade, add the chopped garlic, Korean gochujang, light soy sauce, mirin, sesame oil and ground black pepper into a large bowl and mix well. Add the washed and deboned chicken thighs (or chicken breast) and coat with the marinade evenly.

2. Preheat the oven to 200˚C. Place the marinated chicken thighs skin-side up on a lined baking tray and put them into the oven set to 230˚C. Roast for 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes, remove the tray from the oven and flip the chicken over to cook the meat evenly. At the same time, add the sliced yellow capsicum onto the same tray as the chicken, and cook until the skin of the capsicum is slightly charred and blistered. It would take around 20 minutes for the chicken and capsicum to be ready. If you’d like the chicken skin to be crispier, flip it again and cook for another 5-10 minutes with the skin side facing up. Check the chicken every now and then to make sure it doesn’t burn! If you are using chicken breasts instead, you can cook them at 230°C for a total of 15-20 minutes to prevent them from overcooking and drying out. Remove chicken from oven and set aside to cool down.

3. Heat the wraps on a dry frying pan on medium heat for 1-2 minutes on each side. Alternatively, you can heat each wrap in the microwave for 20 seconds.

4. Once the chicken has cooled, cut the meat into slices for easy serving. Assemble by lining the wrap with cucumber, roasted capsicum and spicy chicken. Top with coriander leaves and a squeeze of lime. Fold the wrap over and there you go; a juicy, flavourful yet nutritious wrap for lunch or dinner!

Healthy snacks for kids in Singapore: More tips and ideas

Keeping up with hungry and hangry kids can be tough. A good snack has the power to curb a child’s hunger and boost his nutrition.

According to the US-based Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, “Snacks are good for kids because they help them stay focussed at school and on homework, give them needed nutrients and keep hunger at bay.”

Here are some tips for healthy snacks for kids:

  • To make sure your kids eat at mealtimes, don’t offer snacks too close to a meal.
  • If your child is underweight or a picky eater, offer nutrient-dense foods that are otherwise lacking in the diet, to add to his nutrient intake.
  • Place healthy options like fruits and vegetables where your child can easily see them. For example, keep a bowl of fresh fruits in the centre of your kitchen or dining table.

Keep small containers of fresh veggie snacks (like carrots and celery sticks) at the kids-eye level in the fridge. To add to their nutrient value, add a dip like peanut butter, hummus, yoghurt or avocado dip.

  • Offer your kids a snack containing protein and fibre so the snacks are filling, and add to the quality of their diet. 

Try these combinations:

  • Cheese and pear slices
  • Yoghurt, fruit and nuts
  • Nuts and raisins
  • Roasted chickpeas
  • Wholemeal crackers with melted cheese or homemade avocado dip
  • Oven-roasted sweet potato wedges

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