Physical activity for kids made fun, fun, fun with The Fun Squad!

Physical activity for kids made fun, fun, fun with The Fun Squad!

The team at The Fun Squad knows just how important physical activity is to kids of all ages. Read about a mum's thoughts on their FREE trial class for kids and more information about The Fun Squad, right here!

physical activity for kids

Kids should get plenty of physical activity to ensure they stay healthy throughout their lives.

For kids, being active is very important and is not just about wiggles and giggles. According to the Health Promotion Board of Singapore (HPB), sports and physical activity, just like eating and sleeping, should be integral parts of your child’s life in order to ensure his holistic health and wellbeing.

It is recommended that you allot at least three hours of physical activity a day in a safe environment for kids under age seven. If you have an infant, active play means getting down on the floor with him!

The benefits of physical activity

Experts agree that regular physical activity during childhood helps children adopt a healthy lifestyle as adults.

There are lots of reasons for keeping our kids active, other than just to keep them out of our hair! According to the HPB, here are some life-changing benefits:

  • To achieve and maintain a healthy weight, which has implications on overall health
  • To improve motor skills and brain development
  • To build skills needed to develop self-confidence and self-esteem
  • To assist in the prevention of myopia
  • To increase muscle and bone strength

Physical exercise is also crucial for another very important reason — it can actually boost your child’s academic performance.

According to a research project conducted in 2009, physically active kids tend to have better academic achievement and fewer disciplinary problems. What’s more, kids who are active may even show improved grades and standardised test scores, as well as an improvement in cognitive performances and classroom behaviour.

Phsyical activity and kids

Coach Shahrin of The Fun Squad and the cuties who took part in a Multi-Sports class.

The unquestionable, research-backed benefits of physical activity during childhood should have us looking for ways to keep our little ones on the move.

But it doesn’t have to be like the usual physical education classes that often provide just token physical activities. It should be able to capture children’s interest in a fun and engaging way.

On the next page, find out about how you can promote a healthy lifestyle for your little one in a totally fun way through The Fun Squad.

physical activity and kids

The Fun Squad is a really fun way for kids to stay fit while having loads of fun!

Physical activity made fun

The Fun Squad is a company that believes a healthy lifestyle should be easily accessible for all kids. As such, they provide classes for children two to 12 years old that promote physical activity in an incredibly fun way.

Classes incorporate values such as teamwork, compassion and determination into their lessons. Their vision is to cultivate a future generation that views a healthy lifestyle as a fun and beneficial part of their daily lives.

physical activity and kids

Kids taking part in a Multi-Sports class listening to Coach Shahrin’s instructions.

What’s more, their progamme is value-driven, meaning that all lessons are designed to include “teachable moments” that allow the instructors to impart values such as determination, compassion and integrity to their students.

The Fun Squad’s classes cover a whole range of interests, from yoga and dance, to sports and more and they offer quality coaching at reasonable fees and convenient locations.

Mums, you’ll also be happy to know that The Fun Squad’s approach to classes is to provide plenty of praise and encouragement, which of course helps to boost a child’s self-esteem.

I saw this approach in action first-hand with my five-year-old son who was invited to try out The Fun Squad’s free trial class.

physical activity and kids

My son immediately felt at ease with Coach Shahrin’s easy manner.

What the class involves

The Multi-Sports class, which was what my son participated in on the day, is usually held in a shady outdoor section of the Aranda Country Club in Pasir Ris.

During the trial class, Coach Shahrin, the founder of The Fun Squad and in charge of the class that day, immediately made my son feel at ease and got him running around without delay.

Once the other kids (ranging in age from three to five years old) arrived, Coach Shahrin put them through their paces, so to speak. He first got them to all sit in a row while he chatted to them for a bit, asking them about what they had done that day. All the kids answered enthusiastically, and I noticed each of them raised their hand when they wanted to talk. 

physical activity for kids

Learning the different types of rugby ball passes.

Next, he handed out little rugby balls, since the lesson that day was going to focus on rugby. Then, he taught them how to do overhead and underhand passes and got them to practice with him.

Coach Shahrin also set out various agility courses for the little ones (see image below) that focused on developing their listening skills, as well as other important sports skill-sets such as speed, control and leadership. While the kids were kept moving for most of the one-hour duration of the class, Coach Shahrin ensured they stayed well hydrated by giving them regular water breaks.

Before each activity, Coach Shahrin also gave clear instructions to his group of tiny sports enthusiasts, and got a little volunteer to show the others what was expected of them during that segment.

He finished the class with a fun game of “catch” and then let the kids engage in some super-fun bubble blowing action.

Needless to say, the kids had a “ball” of a time! 

physical activity and kids

The kids being put through their paces and having plenty of fun in the process.

Coach Shahrin has loads of experience with working with children and youth in indoor and outdoor education. It is clear through the way he interacts with little ones.

My son thoroughly enjoyed his experience and told me after the class that it was “the best day ever!

On the next page, details about other programmes offered by The Fun Squad as well how you can contact them to get a FREE trial for your little one!

physical activity for kids

Coach Shahrin finishing the class with lots of bubble fun for the little ones!

There’s nothing better than testimonials from mums

The programme at The Fun Squad helps my little girl stay active and healthy and has helped improve her psycho-motor skills. She is also better at listening to and following instructions since starting the programme, which engages her in a much more meaningful way than just watching TV. — Fardyana, mummy of four-year-old Nasuha.

When my boy started the programme at The Fun Squad three months ago, he was very shy. I have noticed a huge improvement in his social skills since starting and he is now able to take instructions very well. Coach Shahrin engages my son so well and he looks forward to the class every week! –Erfanah, mummy of three-year-old Fayaaz.

What The Fun Squad offers is a very unique opportunity for kids to get active. Coach understands each kid very well. The programme is so good for my child’s coordination and also to learn about different sports and ball games. — Shan, mummy of four-year-old Kae Lyn.

physicaly activity for kids

Kids taking turns to talk and answer Coach Shahrin’s questions.

The Fun Squad activities

The Fun Squad’s classes cover a whole range of interests, from yoga and dance, to sports and more. What’s more, each programme is developed with specific goals for each age group. They also offer quality coaching at reasonable fees and convenient locations.

1. Multi-Sports

The Mult-Sports programme introduces little ones to different sports such as soccer, basketball and rugby. Each sport focuses on different outcomes such as lower and upper body coordination, strength, speed and endurance, ultimately resulting in overall physical development.

2. Dance

Dancing is a really fun way to get your kids moving and has several benefits, including improving coordination, strength and agility. The Fun Squad’s dance programme will introduce your child to several styles such as hip-hop, funk, street jazz and more.

On the next page, find out what the third programme offered by The Fun squad is, and how you can book a FREE trial lesson for your child today!

physical activity and kids

Your kids will have a blast at The Fun Squad!

3. Yoga

The Fun Squad’s yoga programme introduces children to the benefits of yoga, such as enhanced physical ability, and refined balance and coordination. It will definitely develop your little one’s focus and concentration, while boosting his self-esteem and confidence.

You can read more about these programmes on The Fun Squad website where you can also book a FREE trial for your little one by clicking this link now. The Fun Squad also offers several birthday party package options for kids aged two to twelve years old.

Right now, The Fun Squad is offering you an amazing “bring-a-friend” deal. If you are among the first 50 people to register your child for a programme with The Fun Squad along with a friend, you stand to win a birthday party package worth up to $300. It really doesn’t get any better than that!

physical activity and kids

Contact The Fun Squad today for a FREE trial class for your kid!

Contact details

Mums and dads, what are you waiting for? If you are interested to find out more about The Fun Squad and maybe get that awesome $300 birthday party deal, contact The Fun Squad right now.

You can also phone The Fun Squad on 8448 4902, or email them at [email protected]

You can also conveniently submit an online enquiry right now.

The Fun Squad conducts their programmes at several convenient locations:

Aranda Country Club: Pasir Ris Drive 3, Singapore 519497

Jurong Country Club: 9 Science Centre Road, Singapore 609078

Orchid Country Club: 1 Orchid Club Road, Singapore 769162

Raffles Town Club: 1 Plymouth Avenue, Singapore 297753

Does your child take part in a programme with The Fun Squad? Our readers would love to hear about your child’s experience, so why not leave a comment below? 

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