Most informative and interesting parenting research stories 2018

Most informative and interesting parenting research stories 2018

Here at theAsianparent Singapore, we are always on the lookout for credible parenting research so that you can be better informed parents. This is our pick of 2018's best parenting research articles.

As parents who want only the best for your children, naturally, you want to be better informed about the latest parenting research. But how to separate the credible studies from the not-so-credible ones? You just need to check in with theAsianparent, that’s how! This year has seen the publishing of some remarkable and useful studies, relevant to parents. Here’s our pick of the most informative and interesting parenting research stories 2018. 

Best parenting research stories 2018

10. New research suggests direct latching is better for baby than pumped milk

parenting research stories 2018

Parenting research stories 2018: Direct latching has more benefits than pumped milk, suggests new research


While the goodness of breastmilk in any form in unquestionable, research suggested that direct latching is better for baby’s health than giving expressed milk.

In particular, this study found that babies who directly breastfeeding are at a much lower risk of developing chronic illnesses later in life, especially obesity.

9. Study: Your son’s cells migrate to your brain in pregnancy

We intuitively know the mother-son bond is something extra-special. But science has highlighted a remarkable phenomenon that happens between mum and son during pregnancy. Could we finally have a scientific reason for the mummy-son connection? 

8. Is pregnancy contagious? This study says yes

Does it seem like that you and your friends were/ are all pregnant at the same time? Well a really interesting study shows that pregnancy can be “contagious” among close friends! 

7. Paediatricians urge parents to stop giving toddlers digital toys

A clinical report released by the American Academy of Pediatrics on December 3 2018 is urging parents to think very carefully before handing their little ones digital devices. The study highlights the very real negative effects such devices can have on your toddler’s development. 

parenting research stories 2018

Parenting research stories 2018: Want a baby boy? Eat THIS!

6. Eat THIS fruit if you want to conceive a baby boy!

Having dreams of cute little baby boys? There is one fruit proven by science that might just help your dreams come true (cheeky hint: you have to eat it…).

5. Why kids want you to read the same story over and over again

“Mummmyyyy, please read this again!” Sounds familiar? Well, mums and dads, you should know that when you read The Very Hungry Caterpillar to your tot for the one thousandth time, you’re actually boosting their development! 

Research shows that toddler learn through repetition. When  you re-read books, your child’s brain is absorbing the language, the words, the flow of the story (logical sequence), colours, shapes and even numbers. There’s a magical learning process taking place, and it’s been proven by science. 

4. Children with better relationships with fathers less likely to have behavioural problems

We always knew that a father-child relationship is as important than a mother-child one. But research reveals that a good relationship between daddy and baby has far more benefits than you might have ever imagined. 

3. What to do if your child swallows a button battery?

Over the years, many children have been seriously injured — even killed — after swallowing button batteries. But now, research finally has a solution for worried parents should their little ones ever swallow one of these tiny, deadly batteries. 

2. Paediatricians call for baby walkers to be banned

Baby walkers might seem like useful gadgets to keep your busy toddler in one place. But they are causing more harm than good to little ones around the world, as proved by studies. Now, paediatricians are calling for baby walkers to be banned altogether for the sake of our babies’ health and development. 

1. Study shows high levels of pesticide residue in oatmeal, cereals

Oatmeal is a breakfast staple among many families in Singapore, and around the world. But it pays to pick your oatmeal carefully, mums and dads. 

A shocking report released in 2018 highlights traces of pesticides in quite a few popular brands of oatmeal and cereal. Thankfully, there are also some safe brands, which are also revealed. 

It’s a wrap: the best parenting stories 2018! Keep an eye out for more informative research-based articles from theAsianparent in 2019. 

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