Is Pregnancy Contagious? This Research Says It's Possible!

Is Pregnancy Contagious? This Research Says It's Possible!

Study finds that it’s likely for a close group of friends to get pregnant at the same time

Have you noticed when one friend announces her pregnancy in a group chat, one by one your other friends in the same group reveal they are pregnant as well? Makes you wonder, is pregnancy contagious?

An American study actually sought to find out and it turns out, pregnancy really is contagious among close friends.

Is pregnancy contagious?

is pregnancy contagious

Why does it seem like everyone is getting pregnant at the same time? Is pregnancy contagious? | Source: Pexels

The 2014 study “Does fertility behaviour spread among friends?” interviewed 1720 women over a 10 year period. The researches focused on women who still spoke to and met up often with their group of high school friends.

The results proved that these close knit group of friends are more likely to get pregnant at around the same time. In addition, the odds of a group of best friends getting pregnant together increases over a period of two years, gradually declining thereafter.

So if you’re thinking of starting the baby factory after your bestie announces her pregnancy, you can definitely pin the blame on her.

When is the right time to have a baby?

Is Pregnancy Contagious? This Research Says It's Possible!

Don’t let external factors influence you into having a baby, even if you may be asking yourself, is pregnancy contagious? | Image source: iStock

Friendships aside, it’s important to know when is the perfect time to conceive. Don’t let external factors like the above influence you. Daniela Montalta, clinical psychologist at the NYU Langone Child Studies Center explains how becoming a mother really depends on each individual’s current lifestyle and personality.

Some women might feel like they’re ready to be a mum once they are financially secure and their support system is in place. Others might be chasing their career goals and have to think twice before jumping into motherhood.

She explains that choosing to become a mother depends on the following:

1. Financial and career goals

You’re aiming for that promotion but you also want to kickstart your family. Balancing both is a struggle but it’s possible, as long as you’re working a stable job that supports working mums. Things like maternity leave and flexible timings will be extremely beneficial for working mums trying to balance family life and their career.

Realistically, children are expensive – so it’s best to plan with hubby for the added expenses little one adds to the family. Does the family have enough resources to raise a child?

2. Personal goals

Before you have your first baby, tick off all the personal goals first on your checklist first – whether you’re planning on taking a trip around Europe or getting your Masters’ Degree. It’s not that you can do this when you start a family, but it will be difficult to carry your little one as you trek up a dangerous mountain.

3. Settled location

Is Pregnancy Contagious? This Research Says It's Possible!

Image source: iStock

Are you sure the place you’re staying now with hubby is where you want to live for the rest of your life? Having a baby while moving around can be extra stressful for new parents. It’s ok if you’re still trying to figure out how to change a diaper, but at least you won’t be fiddling with a baby while the thought of moving again is on the back of your mind.

4. Your husband

Having a supportive husband helps you become emotionally rooted. Children can put a strain into the most loving of relationships, so you need to speak with your spouse. Discuss how the two of you will handle the pressures of a new addition to the family, and the challenges two of you will face along the way. Things will change, but the important thing is to make an effort to stay connected.

Source: Psychology TodayWomen’s Health

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