10 Things you will know about your husband ONLY after having a baby!

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A baby changes your life in a way you might not have expected. What are the things you will know about your husband only after having a baby?

The birth of a baby, especially the first one, is indeed a blessing to both you and your spouse. I think you will agree with this statement. The child comes into your lives and, inevitably, changes your marriage – as well as your husband – in a way you might not have expected. So, are you wondering what those changes are? Here are the 10 things you will know about your husband only after having a baby!

1. Is he a great daddy?

Sure, your husband might brag about his ability to become the super dad before the birth of your child.

However only after having the baby at home will you finally be able to realise whether he is as capable as he claimed. The way he bathes the baby gently, checks the temperature before preparing milk, or puts your son to sleep like a pro – all these are things you will know about your husband only after having a baby!

10 Things you will know about your husband ONLY after having a baby!

2. He becomes more serious about his career

This aspect of your husband might become more and more apparent as your family expands. Before, there were only two mouths to feed. With your new child, he needs to think about another human being to care and support.

He might consider taking that exam to elevate his career, or maybe he is now thinking of starting a business to add to the income. Ladies, at this time, all he needs is your loving and tender support!

3. He is not a night owl!

If you have the experience of nurturing an infant before, I think you know the drill. The birth of a child comes with a cost – days and days of sleepless nights. During this time, you might realise something about your husband – he is not a night owl!

He might elbow you to wake up and attend to the crying baby, or worst case he might not even wake up from his slumber in spite of all that noise!

4. Is he a patient guy?

As soon as your baby joins the team, things can be quite…how should I put? Chaotic? Yup, that’s the word. Your child might be small, but he demands every bit of your attention and time.

So, whether or not your husband is patient is another thing that you will know about your husband only after having a baby!

Will he pick up the crying child and soothe him, or will he just leave the house to get some peace of mind outside? Testing times, these!

10 Things you will know about your husband ONLY after having a baby!

5. He becomes loving

I’ve seen many comments about how things will change in a marriage post the the birth of a child. Some are positives, and others, negatives.

However, I believe that a real man will become more and more loving as soon as he sees another human being that comes partly out of him!

He might appreciate you more after seeing your hardship for nine months and witnessing the labour process. Who knows? The care that he has given you during pregnancy might even continue for years after the child’s birth, say Amen!

6. Is he a hands-on dad?

Right after labour, we, the wonderful mothers, will have some time to rest from all those hard chores at home.

It is that time when our dear husbands get to take full charge of the household (unless you are blessed with a full-time housemaid!).

Whether or not he can sweep the floor at 100% accuracy like you do, or attend to phone calls and do laundry all at the same time (a lah Ninja) – these are the things you will know about your husband only after having a baby!

7. How reliable is he with baby shopping?

So, here’s another scenario that might reveal something about your husband only after having a baby: you are busy at work, and you need your husband to stop by at the baby shop to buy new diapers.

You give him all the instructions and guidance as needed (Brand A, XL size, and fragrance-free) and he comes home with Brand B, XXL (he said XL and XXL looked the same!), and with a baby-fresh scent.

He gives you everything except the things that you need. Whether or not he is good at buying baby stuff – you will only know after having a child!

8. Is he good at handling a baby?

A few months after getting married and you see your husband holding your friend’s baby, it makes you blush in pride. To you, he is going to be a perfect dad. But, hang on a minute.

He holds the child for only a few seconds. It is too early to pass judgment, don’t you think?

Whether or not he is good at handling a baby is only obvious after you and your husband welcome your child. Why? It is because things will get real with your own son or daughter.

Your baby will scream whenever he is hungry, and this is when you can finally see the skill of your husband at cuddling and feeding him!

9. He has a unique parenting style

For us mothers, it is all about tending to and caring for the child with love. But during this time, you will finally realise one thing about your husband – he has a unique parenting style.

For example, I would totally freak out if my small boy hit his head on the wall, but my husband? He would probably just chuckle and move on. To him, the child needs it! It is a part of the boy’s learning process. Sigh!

10.Whether or not he is a great partner

One of the most important things you will know about your husband only after having a baby is whether he is a great partner to you. At the end of the day, you and your husband have committed to the marriage, and to whatever that comes with it. Children are part of the deal.

Will he step up and help you in taking care of the needs of the child? Will he set aside his ego and help with the domestic duties? Will he continue to be the loving husband he once was? For marriage is also about accepting each other, regardless of the challenges that lie ahead.

These are things that you will know about your husband only after the birth of your child!

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