Parental nudity: How old is too old for your kids to see you naked?

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Is it ok for your toddler to see you or your partner naked? At what age does it start getting inappropriate for kids to be exposed to parental nudity? Get some advice from the experts!

More advice from the experts

According to Ask Dr. Sears, children around the age of four or five would have developed their sense of modesty by showing signs like covering up their genitals with their hands when someone enters the room.

Dr. Alan Kazdin, Director of the Yale Parenting Center (USA) also reminds parents that we have our own culture, religion and individual attitudes about the body.

He recommends for parents to observe whether your child has started to show signs of being uncomfortable with your nudity and also to “take cues from your child and from your own values.”

Although the exact age may vary, studies and experts all seem to agree that it is better for parental nudity to cease when your child is the official school age of six to seven-years-old.


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Most local parents are quite conservative when it comes to parental nudity, but there are some who don’t think it’s a big deal

What do Singaporean parents feel about parental nudity?

“Actually I was ok with being naked around my daughter until she was maybe six or seven years old. But with my son, it’s a bit different. I think ever since I stopped breastfeeding him at two years plus, that’s when I also slowly started feeling a bit more awkward showing my exposed body to him.” – Linny T. (mother of two)

“Of course I won’t let my teenage son see me naked, nor would my husband walk around without any clothes on in front of our teenage daughter! We should teach our kids to be modest from a young age so that they will grow up with good values.” – Nina R. (mother of two)

“I feel that it’s fine because it’s not like I’m doing anything obscene in front of my child. I’ll definitely draw the line when she starts to run away shrieking with embarrassment — which I guess is probably when she is in Primary School?” – Is M. (father of one)

“It’s just nudity. Underneath our clothes, we are all naked. Our kids will be exposed to nudity some way or another, either by watching something on the internet, or seeing their friends in the changing room after a P.E lesson in school, or being exposed to classical paintings and statues, or by noticing a mother breastfeed her baby. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s just a bit of extra flesh and skin.” – Miriam S (mother of three)


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Help build your child’s self-esteem and body positivity and always respect her personal boundaries

Remember to be body positive

As your child grows older and is becoming more aware of her own body, it’s important for you to respect her personal boundaries and privacy.

Set a good example for your little one by saying positive things about your own body, and also refrain from making fun of your child’s looks or body in any way (even if you think it’s just a harmless joke).

It’s also healthy to talk openly about the body and make it clear to her that she can approach you with any questions or concerns she might have.

Do you think it’s ok for children to be exposed to parental nudity? At what age do you think your kids should stop seeing you and your partner naked? Share your views with us by leaving a comment below!

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