Paramedics ate lunch before picking up baby in critical condition

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The inquest heard the first ambulance that had been dispatched were called off so its crew could have lunch.

Suffering from a suspected gastroenteritis, six-month old Kyran Day had been placed in Shoalhaven Hospital in 2013 for observation. His parents Naomi and Grant Day were with him, desperate for answers.

The staff at the hospital, however, told them the doctor had “more urgent cases” to attend to.

Three days later, Kyran died.

His parents said that the health system couldn’t do their job and properly attend to their son.

A Mama Mia report said that the toddler was initially diagnosed with gastroenteritis at October 19, but was in fact suffering from a bowel obstruction.

On the morning of October 20, Dr. Toby Greenacre did not re-examine Kyran until 10.30am because he had “more urgent cases.”

It wasn’t until his grandmother urged the doctors did they finally notice that the toddler’s condition changed.

“At 10.45am on October 20 the hospital decided that the baby needed transporting to Sydney Children’s 150km away,” the report said. “But the decision was made to transport him via road instead of air, four hours later he had still not left the hospital.”

The inquest heard the first ambulance that had been dispatched were called off so its crew could have lunch.

Meanwhile, the second ambulance was delayed because “they already had a patient and then they also needed to eat before the drive to Sydney.”

Another four hours later and Kyran was still at the hospital.

When he finally arrived to Sydney Children’s Hospital for specialist surgery, the baby had suffered several cardiac arrests.

After having his bowels operated on, he was placed on life support, but it was soon turned off.

Grant Day took to Facebook to express his grief about the tragedy of his family.

“It's one month out until the inquest into our son Kyrans death and I'm down at the water's edge still two and a half years down the track still pondering why, what and how everything and everyone at Shoalhaven hospital got it so so wrong.

“A healthy beautiful young 6-month-old child who was completely let down by the NSW health system. We will fight for justice and we are fighting on behalf of all the little babies [sic] and children who don't have a voice who have been taken too young.”

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James Martinez