15 steamy oral sex tips for parents to try tonight

15 steamy oral sex tips for parents to try tonight

Try these tried and tested oral sex tips this Valentine's Day and make your partner's day extra special. Read on to know.

No matter who goes down on whom, the goal of oral sex is always to make your partner feel good. And sometimes the only thing more satisfying that receiving it, is knowing that you did a good job performing it on your partner. That’s why having a few go-to oral sex tips can really turn the heat up, culminating in an explosive climax for you both! 

Oral sex is not as easy as it seems. It requires skill and patience to titillate your partner in just the right way. Going down on your wife is generally more complicated too, as the vagina in general (and women) is more complex than a penis.

So what do you do when you want to master this art? You start reading this article right now! We bring you real-life techniques from people who’ve mastered the art of going down, and are very happy to share their oral sex tips with you. 

Psst, please don’t be shy — oral sex can truly take your sex life from boring, to soaring new heights — and all marriages deserve this!

15 oral sex tips guaranteed to take your sex life to the next level!

1. Move your tongue in concentric circles (flick, swoosh)

If you gently move and flick your tongue around and on the tip of your man’s penis — or clitoris if you’re pleasuring your wife — you will drive them crazy in a good way. Alternate between gentle flicks of your tongue and moving it in concentric circles. 

What you’re doing here is stimulating the nerve endings present at the tip of the genitals, which is incredibly sexy and almost always culminates in an incredibly juicy orgasm. 

2. Ask them if they like what you’re doing  

Ask them what works best for them. Do they want you to go faster or slower? Is there a pace they are comfortable with? This can help the two of you communicate your expectations and help you improve at the “job.”  

3. Talk dirty while you’re at it

Sometimes your partner may feel awkward while you are busy down there. So talk them through the process. Tell them how delicious they are and how much you’re loving what you’re doing. Talk dirty, and expect results.

4. Keep it coming, even after they come 

This is is especially related to your beautiful wife. Don’t stop pleasuring her down there even after she has climaxed. If you keep going even after her orgasm, chances are you’re going to give her another orgasm. (Yes, ladies are lucky like that!)  

In fact, a study by the Indiana University School of Public Health-Bloomington researchers found that “75 percent of women reported that clitoral stimulation helped their orgasms feel better.”

Basically, don’t stop what you’re doing and take your woman to an orgasmic high!

oral sex tips

It also helps if you make some eye contact with your partner while you are at it. | Image courtesy: Dreamstime

5. It’s not just about licking 

One of the oral sex tips shared is that cunnilingus is not just about licking. It’s about the skillful use of your tongue and mouth. Don’t just lap at your wife down there, gents. Start on the soft insides of her thighs. Gently move up, kissing her. Take her clitoris in your mouth and gently suck on it. Alternate this with using your tongue.

Ladies, the same goes for you. Your man’s penis is not just a lollipop that needs to be sucked. It’s a sensitive organ that give pleasure and loves to receive it, so use your tongue and mouth wisely!

6. Make some eye contact 

It also helps if you make some eye contact with your partner while you are at it. Some partners love to watch their spouse enjoy themselves.

This can also boost your partner’s confidence and tell them that they are acing the act of oral sex. 

7. Try different speeds

Don’t stick to the same speed of tongue-mouth stimulation. Alternate between varying rhythms and speeds,  and watch how this affects your partner. 

Of course, it also means you can take a break in between. Win-win!

8.  How about spelling the alphabet 

You may have heard that spelling the alphabet with your tongue is a tried-and-tested oral sex tip. But if you haven’t done it before, maybe tonight is the night to experiment.

Each time you go down, try to spell the alphabet using tongue movements. Each “pen stroke” of your tongue delivers a new and delightful sensation.  

9. Show some enthusiasm

Don’t just do it silently and stoically. Show that you’re loving it too. Moan, groan, tell them that you love it and caress the rest of their body while you’re at it. Doing this is a guaranteed turn-on for the other party. 

10. Stimulate the other hole too

Yes, you read that right. You don’t have to go out and buy butt plugs, but, you can stimulate the anus with your fingers too while engaging in oral sex. This will take your partner to new arousal levels and possibly even increase the duration of their pleasure. 

But only do this if your partner is comfortable with it. The last thing you want is to tense them up and make them feel uncomfortable. 

oral sex tips

You can also use your hands as an extension to your mouth. Only, you don’t have to go up and down your partner’s genitals. | Image courtesy: Dreamstime

11. Take a top down approach 

Ladies, when you go down on your man, and men, when you’re pleasuring your woman’s lady parts, there’s no doubt you’d need to take small breaks.

If you feel like a break, don’t stop entirely. Instead, break up the tongue-mouth stimulation by wandering over the rest of your partner’s body, top to bottom, bottom to top. 

Stop in the middle and start pleasuring them orally again.  

12. Use your hands 

You can also use your hands as an extension to your mouth. Ladies, try gently rotating your hands around your man’s penis, and gents, use your fingertips to stimulate your wife’s vagina while using your tongue. 

13. Don’t forget the balls

If you are going down on your man, don’t just ignore his balls. They play a crucial role in stimulating him. You can try licking them softly, squeezing them gently and even grazing them to stimulate your partner. 

14. Try some fingering 

Don’t forget your fingers in the art of oral sex. You can use them to stimulate the clitoris before you begin with your tongue and mouth. You can reach inside the vagina and stimulate her G-spot. Then, remove your fingers and replace with your tongue.  

15.  Simultaneously use your hands and mouth

Ladies, if you rub the entire shaft with your hands as you use your mouth, it’s not called cheating. It’s called being resourceful. This is especially helpful if your man is well-endowed. It also helps to keep your mouth towards the tip and use your hands to pleasure the shaft, and move both in sync.

Remember that honest discussions and constant feedback can only help you get better at oral sex. So make communication an integral part of the process and try these interesting oral sex tips tonight.

We promise, it’ll be a night like no other. (Just make sure the kids are sleeping and your door is locked, okay?)

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