Get hot and sweaty this Valentine’s Day!

Get hot and sweaty this Valentine’s Day!

What better way to get the heart racing, the blood pumping, and the flames re-ignited? Nope, not quite that one thing on your mind – scroll to the end for that! – but read on for some inspiration on exciting activities for a day out with your Valentine-slash-Baby Momma/Baby Daddy. Enjoy! (PS: Your kids are a symbol of your love, so we get why you might want to involve them too! Kid-friendly activities listed as well!)

Ideas For Fun Activities For Valentine’s Day With Your Partner:


Yes, we realise paintball means shooting your partner. That doesn’t have to be all bad! That means you get to let out your frustrations about “that time when”. Think…sexy, like your very own rendition of Mr and Mrs Smith.

Price range: $15pax and up


Laser tag

Okay, this one involves decidedly fewer bruises, so laser tag is a little more kid-friendly, but still as fun. You’ll be running around squealing just like your 4 year old.

Price range: $12/pax and up


Trampoline Park

If we’re talking about hot and sweaty activities for Valentine’s Day, we’re definitely going to talk intense cardio. But the fun kind. Bounce SG even has a 2-for-1 deal for the week of 13-18th February.

Price range: $17/pax and up

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You wouldn’t think Singapore would have your own secret garden to escape, but hike through Mount Faber and Hort Park and you will realise you were mistaken. Take a nice little picnic to finish off your excursion.

Price range: Free!



activities for Valentine's Day


Don’t want the sweat to ruin your perfect Instagram shots? Take your romantic picnic to the Botanical Gardens, Marina Barrage or Gardens by the Bay instead. You can then proceed to do cheesy, cute things like fly a kite or lie side-by-side gazing up at the sky.

Price range: Free!



Glide around hand-in-hand as a frosty breeze nips your cheeks. The Rink @JCube offers exactly that, and will be a great excuse to get cosied up in each other’s arms after a chilly afternoon!

Price range: $14/2h and up


Rooftop bars

Want something a little more glamorous, and maybe a little less action-packed? Then sip on martinis at a rooftop bar as you gaze seductively at each other, reminiscing the times when there was only the two of you! Lantern, for instance, has one of our top picks for its romantic atmosphere and spectacular view.

Price range: Varies


There are about a thousand other ways to get hot and sweaty, including ways we won’t discuss in this article, but we hope we’ve given you some inspiration for a sexy and fun Valentine’s Day.

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Nasreen Majid

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