These tots cuddling their parents' old stuffed toys are ADORABLE!

These tots cuddling their parents' old stuffed toys are ADORABLE!

In this new Instagram trend, parents are getting out their old stuffed toys for their tots — and it's too cute for words!

Remember those old stuffed toys you used to hug to sleep? You might have lost some to the years, but we bet you still have a few stashed away, well-worn with love.

Next time your child begs for a new toy, reach into your old toy box instead. An adorable trend is catching on with parents on Instagram, reminding us how much love and joy our old teddies still have to offer our kids. 

Mums and dads are giving their kids their old stuffed animals, then snapping a sweet photo of the resulting cuddles with the hashtags #myoldteddy and #myoldstuffedanimal. Warning: the following photos may make your heart burst with awwws.


Already protector-in-chief of the little one's bedtime and snuggles!

"Mum, how come it smells like you?"

Uncle McCarthy has been with the family for 30 years!

A dog's loyalty is for life — he'll guard your little ones tirelessly.

Once upon a time, that bear was bigger than this tot's mum too!

"Dad, what did you do to his nose?"


We usually think that kids want the latest stuff — cool gadgets and so on. But who says your old bear's super soft fur and interesting smells can't match up? And as they say, waste not, want not.

Your preloved stuffed animals may be missing an eye or two, but they've still got lots of cuddles left in them. Looks like it's time to take them out of hiding and give the little ones an extra-special surprise. 

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Jolene Hee

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