Nurse sexually abuses underaged boy for 3 years

Nurse sexually abuses underaged boy for 3 years

A 36-year-old nurse has been accused of having a sexual affair with a minor for the last three years! With all these sexual abuse cases running amok, could your child be next?

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Time and time again we read stories of: teachers being accused of having sex with their underage students, babysitters molesting their wards and even fathers raping their children. Therefore the story of an English nurse having vaginal intercourse with a minor should not come as a total surprise…but it does…

Victoria Horsley, 36, of North Wales has been accused of having a three-year sexual relationship with a boy, who was aged 13 at the outset. Giving her testimonial at a Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) hearing, Horsley denied all allegations of sex against her and dismissed ever having bought alcohol for him and other teenage boys and having sex when she “lost her inhibitions”.

Horsley, who lives with her husband and two children, was said by her lawyer to be “devastated and shocked” at the sex allegations. She also rejected suggestions that because he was so young she thought no one would believe him if he said what was happening.

Horsley told the court yesterday that she was branded a “paedophile” by the boy’s mother right before she was attacked and beaten. She also claimed that the boy’s father had “stalked her” and beaten up her own father and her brother on separate occasions.

The mother of two now lives in fear that she and her family will again be the target of misdirected rage by the accuser’s family.

Sex on the beach

Horsley is accused of driving the boy to secluded beaches in the car used for her district nursing rounds. The boy bragged to friends that he was having an affair with “Nurse Horsley” after she took him and friends on trips to the seaside.

The friends would stay in the car while Horsley and the boy wandered off, allegedly to have sex on the beachfront at Anglesey, North Wales. In the police interviews, Horsley claimed the sex allegations were “lies and made out of maliciousness.”

Stopping sexual abuse

Whether or not Nurse Horsley is guilty, it is imperative that as a parent, you do not let your child get entangled in these kinds of depraved situations. We here at do not condone paranoia but we do advise that you be suspicious of any adults that come in contact with your children frequently.

It is better to be careful and be accused of being paranoid rather than living a lifetime of regret knowing that you led such a depraved thing to happen to your child.

First thing you have to do is to talk to your children about sexuality and sexual abuse in age-appropriate terms. Talking openly and directly about sexuality teaches children that it is okay to talk to you when they have questions.

It is also crucial for you to be involved with your child’s activities.

Get them to talk about the people they go to school with who they play with and who their teachers are. If your child is involved in afterschool activities, ask them what they did during the day. The more involved you are with your child’s life, the less chances of your child ever being the victim of sexual abuse.

Monitor their behaviour consistently. If a child that was previously bubbly and outgoing becomes reserved, do get suspicious. It could be a run-of-a-mill case of puppy love, but it could also be something bigger. As a parent, it is your duty to protect your child in every way that is possible.

Start taking proactive steps today…or your child might end up in the headlines next — and not in a good way.


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