A normal day for a mum is anything but normal for a child

A normal day for a mum is anything but normal for a child

This heartwarming viral video will remind you that your normal may be your child's magic.

Grocery store run, household chores, dirty diapers, laundry and breaking up sibling fights are all what makes a normal day for a mum. As the saying goes, when it comes to parenting, the days are long but the years are short. 

A recent video that went viral puts these seemingly ordinary long days in the spotlight and reminds us that these days are anything but ordinary. It may be a normal day for a mum but it is anything but ordinary when you look at it through the lens of a child. 

In honour of Mother’s Day (in the United States), vlogger Esther Anderson created a video, A Normal Day. It is an incredibly sweet video that sends a powerful message.

Even when we think we are a mess, or a failure, or that parenthood is a rut we are in, our children still see us as perfect and amazing people. We are creating beautiful memories of love and happiness for them.

The video begins by giving us a glimpse of what a normal day for a mum is like, from her perspective. We see many stressful moments from the time the day starts. Kids are being kids and crying, whining, squabbling, creating a mess in the grocery store, refusing to nap and it goes on. I’m sure you know how it is.

The icing on the cake is when the older child drops a piece of cake on the floor and you see the mum literally sinking to the floor looking resigned, defeated and bordering on exasperation

But she never loses her composure.

She kept herself and everything together. She did what any loving mum would do and cheered her children up in spite of how she felt. And regardless of how many things were on her to-do list for the day, her children remained her top priority. 

normal day for a mum

Credit: Youtube Telling her husband that it was a normal day for a mum.

She got through the day doing everything that is humanly possible to be done in a day. And the best part of it is just how patient and loving she is through it all.

Just as she thought that she had made it through the day, she overheard her daughter’s conversation with her husband. It tugged on her heart strings and made her pause and reflect. 

The video takes an interesting twist when the dad asks his daughter how her day went and she gives him an account from her perspective. She talks about snuggles and giggles. She tells him how much she loves her baby sister although she fought with her over a toy. 

Mummy gave us a lot of kisses! 

The best part of the day? Remember how the mum slumped to the ground when the cake fell? Well, for the little girl, the best part of the day was that ruined cake and how she had so much fun when she and her mum smeared frosting all over each other. 

The caption on the video says pretty much everything there is to say:

Your normal day may be their magic.

Mums, on days that you feel like motherhood is just too much for you, or on days that feel like a complete disaster, try to pause for a few seconds and focus on the tiny bits of joy and positivity that got you through the day.

Put aside the stress, the anxiety, the yelling and the tears. Instead, think of that one minute that you and your children burst into laughter over the silliest thing, think of the eyelash kisses and the adorable voice that goes Mommy.

Remember, the days are long but the years are short.

Source: Parents.com

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Nasreen Majid

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