Is it normal for my child to snore while he sleeps?

Is it normal for my child to snore while he sleeps?

Have you noticed your child snoring while he sleeps? Not sure if this is normal or a cause for concern? Find out the answer here.

Help, my kid snores!

Help, my kid snores!

Mum Needs Help: Hi, does your children below 4 years old snore when sleeping? Is it normal for kids to snore?

Replies from our Singapore mum community:

Saira Banu:
oh yeah ,cos they are too tired … my 2 yr old boy does tat n i was stunt for a moment

Fiona Rebecca Biggs:
Yes but mostly wen my 2yr old is down with a flu

Francis Teo Kok Wah:
my 4 yr boy will snore if he got a blocked nose

Jeannie Foo:
She hopes her mop is not the next….

Anak Bt Karim:
Yes, my girl snores when she”s super tired!

Mable Loh:
i think is normal to snore. My gal oso snore when she few mth old.

Sharon Ang:
My gal start to snore when she’s not even full month. I also got a shock when the snoring sound came out from her bedroom. Now she 5 still snoring at times.

Nur Ezreen:
My 2 year old gal snores only when she has blocked nose. I would think it’s normal for them to snore though.

Jocelyn Chan:
My son at 9 also snores.sometimes can be loud

Dyerra Sherry:
No worries i guess its normal:) i remember hw my boy used to snore wen he’s 1yr old, tey juz too tired:)

Calvin Ng:
I got two girls…. aged 8mths and 3 yrs. Both snores…

Jesslyn Yaty:
its normal i guez….my 2yr old gal also snores 🙂

Jackie Mk Lau:
my 3 yr old snores once awhile, i guess when they are real tired

Sylvia Tang:
Hi, snores are normal. But If it’s too loud and below 4 it’s not gd. My cousin bb recently went to pd cause his snore too loud, next room also can hear, pd say will affect the brain. Snores create vibration, if bb too small, the brain not fully develope, the brain cannot take the vibration.

Rachel Goh:
my 10 mth old also snores, but only when he is laying on his back. Try to put BB on his side so that he wont snore and thus sleep better.

Josephine Tan:
my gal stores too, when she is tired or having a block nose. I think its normal.

Dheeraj Khiatani:
Hey, snoring is caused due to obstructed airflow. This can be due to many reasons for example the tongue rolling backwards when lying down flat or having excessive fat around the throat.
Sometimes this may cause the snorer to stop breathing for a few seconds causing him/her to wak up many times during the night. This may lead to daytime sleepiness. I personally dont think its a major problem, but may be worth bringing it up next time you’re at the doctors.

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