Kindergarten students given just noodles with fish sauce for lunch

Kindergarten students given just noodles with fish sauce for lunch

A school is now under investigation after a viral video showed kindergarten students eating only noodles and fish sauce for their lunch.

Growing kids should be eating nutritious food to fuel their growth and development, both at home and when at school. Many parents are thankful that kindergartens and daycare centres offer the option of a fresh meal for little ones. Being education providers, you hope they give your kids a balanced meal. But apparently, this is not always the case.

Recently, news reports shed light on a preschool that was feeding their small students only noodles with fish sauce. 

Why Were They Fed only Noodles with Fish Sauce?

The video that circulated on social media shows kindergarten students in Thailand eating only noodles with fish sauce for lunch. It quickly became viral and caught the attention of local authorities, who conducted a further investigation.

Eventually, they found out that there were indeed some discrepancies committed by the school. This also prompted them to look deeper into the matter.

According to Surat Thani, office director Pol Sattho, "We are convinced there was wrongdoing and will recommend at a June 25 meeting that the regional office establish a formal fact-finding committee."

Two teachers from the school admitted that they didn't check the ingredients that were being delivered. They added that they only did it because they didn't want to go against the school director.

Such a salt- and carb-laden meal is hardly appropriate for young children. Here's hoping that these little ones get proper nutrition going forward. 

While this happened in Thailand, it serves as a good reminder that we too should be checking in with our preschool/daycare providers about what's on the menu for our children. If you're not happy with the options, raise your concerns with the school management without delay. 

It's Important to Make Sure that Your Children Are Eating Healthy

noodles with fish sauce

Children need to eat healthy food daily. Not only does it provide them with energy to get them through the day, healthy food also helps boost their growth and development. This is especially true for younger children, since their bodies are developing rapidly.

That's why it's vital that mums and dads keep an eye on their children's nutrition. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Kids should be eating food that is rich in calcium, such as milk, cheese, nuts, and yogurt. These can help develop strong bones and teeth.
  • Meat is a good source of iron and protein, both of which are important in your child's development.
  • Fruits are also very important, since they contain vitamin C as well as other vitamins that keep your child healthy.
  • Try to avoid giving your child fizzy or sugary drinks. Fresh fruit juice or plain water is always best.
  • It's also better to give your child healthy snacks such as dried fruit or carrot/celery sticks instead of chips.
  • Sweets are also a no-no as they can rot your child's teeth and can even cause them to have type 1 diabetes! 


Source: AsiaOne

Photo screencapped from: AsiaOne

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