Rise and Shine Singapore: All about breakfast!

Rise and Shine Singapore: All about breakfast!

How many Singaporeans actually know the importance of breakfast? Rise and Shine's breakfast campaign helps you have a healthier breakfast everyday.

Breakfast habits

If your kids are always rushing for school in the morning and have no time for breakfast, it's time to stop and think. Many parents today overlook the importance of breakfast, and even more are faced with the difficulty of getting their kid to eat in the morning. What's so important about breakfast anyway, and what could possibly go wrong if children skip it?
Regular meals
With 1 in 3 children skipping breakfast every morning, it may be thought that the first meal of the day isn't really that important. However, this is far from true as breakfast is an essential start of the day for all, especially your growing kids. Not only is it healthy for your kids to have regular intakes of nutritious food, having a good meal in the morning keeps them alert and energetic for a fresh start to the day.
Rise and Shine!
This motivation for a healthy younger generation is what spurred the creation of Rise and Shine's healthy breakfast campaign for parents and kids. Upon understanding the little regard given to breakfast, the team at Rise and Shine embarked to champion this extensive campaign to promote awareness on the importance of breakfast.
Why, then, are so many Singaporeans skipping breakfast? Rise and Shine's research found out that 46% of children in Singapore forgo breakfast because they lack time in the morning to eat. Other reasons also include disliking breakfast and not having enough time to prepare the meal. What's worse, this habit continues as the child grows up, with only 63% of Primary 3 kids eating breakfast as compared to 82% of those in Primary 1.
Everyone has a part to play
It is vital that parents understand the need for breakfast for the whole family. By reminding your kids to eat their breakfast as well as preparing a nourishing and appetising fare, parents can play an active part in creating a healthier diet for your child. As researched, 56% of breakfast eaters in Singapore are influenced by their parents. However, the rising independence of kids today, as seen in 32% of children making their own mealtime decisions, shows that it is not just parents, but kids as well, who should understand the importance of breakfast.
In a bid to educate more Singapore families on the importance of breakfast, the Rise and Shine campaign has kickstarted their own breakfast cooking demonstrations, storytelling sessions and theatre performance to reach out to both parents and kids. Also, kids can look forward to exciting performances touring their schools to teach them how and why it is important to have a healthy breakfast every morning.
Have breakfast today
With an array of benefits that you and your child stand to gain from eating breakfast, there isn't a reason not to start. A great way to begin the day, breakfast can also serve as a fun family time to bond with the kids. So the next time you're at the breakfast table, do remember to tell the whole family to join you.
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