Night lights 2011

Night lights 2011

Spectacular light display along the Bras Basah Precinct for the second and final week of Voyage Night Festival 2011


Night Lights 2012

Intriguing light installations awaits visitors along the Bras Basah Precinct at the Singapore Arts Museum (SAM), School of the Arts (SOTA), Singapore Management University (SMU), and the National Museum of Singapore (NMS). Night lights 2011 is part of the Voyage Night Festival 2011. The final week will feature beautiful light installations,  flea markets, film screenings, as well as exhibitions at the various museums.

Be entertained by the magical fishes as they come alive at the SOTA Facade. “The Fish Tree” installation was made by BIBI using disused common plastic objects. Head on down and have a look. Can you identify the plastic objects in this installation?

Parking Mad (Le Parking en folie) returns for another run, this time at the front lawn of  SAM. Catch the gorgeous light display before the Night Festival ends on 3 Sept.

Lyrical Perspective at SAM blurs reality, as this visual and audio interactive installation responding to the sound of a human voice. The mapping projection will “shake” SAM, and the building seems to take a life on its own. Head on down and catch the unique installation borrowing the architecture to make this possible.

The Cloud (Le Nuage) storms and captures one’s attention as it takes a life of its own, injecting a colorful display, building from a small cloud to a thundercloud. Not to mention that the changes are fluid, so one would have to pay attention to see the transformation process.

Apart from these light installations, visitors can also look forward to an Art Party at SAM’s Glass Hall on Friday, 2 Sept, featuring music and art from Singapore and Le Pompon, Paris. DJs from various clubs will be spinning as well. Let one’s hair down after a long week of work.

In a twist of contemporary art installation, artist Mojoko and Computer Programmer Shang Liang, collaborates to create a “Reactive Wall”, which displays over 200 images of local and graphic icons. Sounds generated by visitors will enable the icons to pop up and populate the wall. This interactive installation will run from 1 September to 2 October, at SAM, Level 2.

For the shoppaholics, indulge in retail therapy at the Flea Market happening at SAM at 8Q featuring locally designed and hand crafted items , ranging from pre-loved clothes, books, cameras, vintage collectibles and more. Check it out at SAM at 8Q.

Outdoor movie screenings will be held Under The Banyan Tree. The “Tingler” and “13 Ghosts” will be screened at 8pm on 2 Sept and 3rd Sept respectively. Admission is free. The Moving Image Gallery at SAM 8Q will be screening on 2 Sept, 7.30 pm, “Home Movies : Ox Hide”. Tickets are available at SISTIC and SAM.

Apart from the festivities happening outdoors, visitors to the Nation Museum of Singapore, Singapore Art Museum, SAM at 8Q can enjoy free late night admission from 6 pm till 2 am on 2-3 September.

For more information about the National Museum of Singapore, please visit The guide to Voyage Night Festival 2011 can be accessed here, and the schedule of the programs can be found here.

Bring your family and kids for an enjoyable, fun and entertaining night out in the heart of the city.

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