Time to Get a New Car?

Time to Get a New Car?

You’re thinking of getting yourself a shiny new automobile. You want to get a family friendly car that suits your personality,wants and your family needs. We at theAsianparent have done some intensive research to bring the best family-friendly cars to you.

Time to get a new car for you family?

Time to get a new car for you family?

You’ve been thinking of getting yourself a shiny new auto-mobile   A car that suits your personality and wants.  A car that will cause at least 50 sprained necks when you go zooming down Orchard road.  A car that will also serve your family’s specific needs – Mary Poppins style!

Luckily for you, we have a few choice options for you to choose from.

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Volkswagon’s Touran – The Car With 500 Seating Options!

The Touran is a stylish multi-purpose vehicle with seven seats. The three seats in the second-row can slide, tilt and fold individually, or they can be removed completely from the car to offer over 500 seating configurations. There is also an immense amount of  trunk space for larger pieces of luggages and/or marketing needs.  Powering the Touran is Volkswagen’s multi-award-winning 1.4 TSI Twincharger engine, which produces up to 170 bhp while remaining extremely cost effective from a fuel consumption and road tax perspective.  This engine is the current International Engine of the Year award holder; it has won the award 2 years in a row.  The engine is matched with the highly acclaimed 7-speed DSG dual-clutch automatic gearbox.  The Touran will be available in Singapore in November.

Nissan Sylphy  – A Safety Car Fit For Royalty

If safety is of utmost importance to you, then the Sylphy is the car for you.  It features a ripple control shock absorber, which minimizes even the slightest vibration from the road surface, resulting in an exceptionally smooth and controlled ride.  The Sylphy incorporates an intelligent key system.   Carrying the key allows doors to be locked and unlocked in a handy manner, a feature you will appreciate when dashing to your car in a heavy storm.  Surfaces that are frequently touched by the driver, such as the steering wheel and shift lever knob have also been treated by antibacterial chemicals to ensure the health of the family.  In addition, this car is an innovation in passenger safety.  It is fitted with a pedestrian injuries reduction body, active head restraints front seats, a two-stage load limiters with pretensioner seatbelts and a clearly defined crushable zone in the car’s construction to absorb and disperse impact forces.  Its also has a high-strength cabin safety zone dedicated to passenger protection.

Opel Zafira – Precision Art

German cars are well known for their precision and ingenuity.  If you are a fan of German cars, then the Opel Zafira1.8 EASYTRONIC ECOTEC is the car for you.  It is equipped with novel technological features such as the newest generation of Electronic Stability Program Plus , Hill Start Assist , Traction Control , Anti-lock Braking System , Pedal Release System and Emergency Brake Assist.  Drivers will also be delighted with the car’s innovative Flex seven system which allows it to be turned  easily from a seven to a six , five, four, three or two-seater without removing any of the seats.

In addition, it also comes with a new and powerful 140bhp ECOTEC Double Continous Variable Cam Phasing engine, together with its fuel-efficient Easytronic Transmission and a clutch-less manual gear box.  This is also an eco-friendly car that also allows you savings of up to 16% of what??? as compared to its predecessor.

BMW X1 – A Luxury Car Like No Other

Fans of sporty racers will love the BMW X1, a Sports Activity Vehicle that’s incorporated with the driving characteristics, dynamic performances, outstanding fuel economy and emission management of the BMW 1 Series.  While it is equipped with only five seats, it has several storage and safety features that make it suitable for young families.    The BMW X1 has a multitude of pockets and trays, including a compartment for sunglasses in the driver’s side roof liner.  Its also sport a centre console on the dashboard; bottle holders located on the side of the front and rear doors, storage nets on the backrests of the front seats, and up to five attachable cup holders.  In addition, the backrests of the seats can be tilted to make more roorm for extra luggage space.

Despite its sleek look, this car is constructed with new generation steel.  In the event of a crash, brutal force are absorbed in the deformation zones, while the load paths divert the impact energy away from the passengers. Crash-activated headrests and the latest generation of front and side airbags offer further passenger protection.

Check out www.performancemotors.com for pricing and further information.

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