How to be a Naughty Valentine – Get back at your spouse this Feb!

How to be a Naughty Valentine – Get back at your spouse this Feb!

Sometimes, you want to be cheesy. But sometimes, you need to be a little cheeky. What better way to spice things up than have a little old-school fun? Here are some naughty pranks to get your partner REALLY riled up this Valentine’s Day.

A snowy surprise

While your spouse is still asleep, get a can of whipped cream and spray it ALL OVER THEM. Not only will it be hilarious to see their face when they wake up to a pile of white stuff on them, you also get to help them clean it off - maybe even...with your tongue?


A symbol of your explosive love

Make a home-made, exploding cake for your spouse. Simply buy a simple doughnut chiffon cake and carve the middle out larger for a hole just big enough for a balloon. Secure the balloon to the middle and coat with whipped cream (if you have any left over from the morning!). Liberally coat in sprinkles and present to your unsuspecting Valentine. They cut it, and BAM! they are coated with cake, and you are collapsing with giggles .


Sweets for my…salt?How to be a Naughty Valentine – Get back at your spouse this Feb!

Bake your partner a batch of their favourite cookies and decorate with ribbons, flowers, the works. The catch? Replace all sugar in the recipe with salt. Your salt(y) bae won’t even know what hit them.


Alarm them

Set the clocks (and phone, etc.) for two hours late and their alarms for an hour early (eg: if it’s 8am, set their clocks for 10am, and set the alarm for 7am (or 9am on the new clock)). That way, it leaves you plenty of time to calm them down from thinking they’re late for work, with time to spare for a quick and romantic morning cuddle (and more).

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Breakfast in bed

Treat your boo a bountiful breakfast with cereal, eggs, toast and coffee. Freeze all of the above overnight so they get a surprise with every bite (if they manage to get any on the spoon!).


No bail

How to be a Naughty Valentine – Get back at your spouse this Feb!

For the slightly more adventurous couples, you might get more chuckles and satisfaction from handcuffing your partner to the bed, sofa, kitchen table. Now they're serving time for all their misdeeds, and are at your complete mercy. Enjoy.


But really, when it comes down to it, who ever said you had to wait for Valentine's Day for some mischievous fun?

Have you pulled any pranks on your spouse? Tell us how it went in the comments section below!

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