51 Awesome things you can do for your wife on Valentine's Day!

51 Awesome things you can do for your wife on Valentine's Day!

Celebrating Valentine's Day doesn't always mean you have to buy your wife flowers or expensive gifts. Here are 51 awesome things that you can do for your wife on Valentine's Day!

Have you ever been under a lot of pressure to give your wife the most expensive Valentine’s Day gift? Or have you ever been jealous of a friend who gave an expensive vacation to his wife on Valentine’s Day?

Stop right now, Romeo. You don’t have to go crazy and spend tons of money in order to show your love to your wife on Valentine’s Day.

Here’s a list of 51 awesome things you can do that will surely make your wife fall in love with you all over again!

51 awesome things you can do for your wife on Valentine’s Day

wife on valentine's day

Giving your wife flowers might be nice, but there are a ton of other awesome things you can do for your wife on Valentine’s Day! | Photo from: pexels.com

1. Send her a sweet video online

She’ll appreciate the sentiment, and it’ll let her know that you’re thinking about her.

2. Instead of her usual alarm, play her favourite song for her in the morning

Just make sure you know what her favourite song is!

3. Write her a sweet note thanking her for the wonderful marriage you have

Couples, especially those who have been married for a long time, sometimes take these things for granted. Thanking your wife on Valentine’s Day for a wonderful marriage lets her know that you appreciate her, and you’re happy with your marriage.

4. If you’re both too busy to go out for a fancy dinner date, cook a meal for her at home

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or expensive, all you need is to cook the food with love. This will show your wife just how much you love her better than a dozen roses!

5. Take over baby care duties

She will not only appreciate the gesture, but she’ll also be grateful that she will have some time to relax and de-stress! 

6. Give your wife something that you made with your own two hands

Whether it’s a simple handmade card, a drawing of your wife, or a cute little trinket, giving your wife something that’s handmade lets her know that you’re making an effort to give her something unique and special.

7. Buy her a book that you know she’ll love

You can even slip in some Post-it notes with sweet messages inside the book, so that she’ll have a wonderful surprise!

8. Ask her to dance!

You don’t even have to go out or dress up, just play a sweet song on Spotify, and ask your wife to dance. It’s an unexpected, simple, yet sweet gesture that’s sure to make your wife happy! 

9. Make a movie from all of your photos

Compile the photos you have and create a cute movie that celebrates your marriage and your love for one another.

10. Wake up earlier than usual, and make your wife breakfast in bed

It might sound cliche, but we’re sure that your wife will appreciate the gesture. Plus, waking up to breakfast in bed is one of the most amazing things ever!

11. Watch your favourite movie on Netflix

Just snuggle up with each other and have a fun movie night together!

12. Write her a letter

Nowadays, handwritten letters are all but nonexistent, due to technology. So why not write your wife a handwritten letter and let her know just how much you love her?

13. Tag her on Facebook or Instagram and share a sweet message or photo

There’s nothing wrong with letting your Facebook friends and Instagram followers know just how much you’re in love with your wife. Your wife will also appreciate the fact that you’re proud to let the world know you love her!

14. Ask your kids to help out

You and your kids can write a special Valentine’s Day message to let your wife know just how much you all appreciate her efforts. 

15. Shave

If your wife has constantly been asking you to shave your beard, then why not do her a favour for Valentine’s Day and do it? Hair grows back anyway.

16. Dedicate your day to her

For Valentine’s Day, try to move all your meetings to another day so that you can spend more time with your wife. If you can, take the day off just so you can spend it with her.

17. Teach your kids to sing your wife’s favourite song

She will find it super cute and super sweet to see your kids singing her favourite song on Valentine’s Day!

18. Wear that shirt she bought for you

Even if you’re not a fan of it, try wearing it just this once. It’s Valentine’s Day after all!

19. Exercise with her

Does your wife love yoga? Maybe she’s into Crossfit? Join her and get yourself some exercise while you bond with your wife at the same time!

20. Put a surprise in her bag

It could be a card that you made, her favourite chocolate, or it could be that pair of earrings that she’s been wanting to buy.

21. Offer to do the chores for her

Let your wife know that you care by letting her relax the whole day, and do the chores by yourself for one day.

22. Bake her some brownies!

Or maybe muffins. Just bake her whatever her favourite baked treat is!

23. Offer to take care of the kids 

Give your wife the day off, and offer to take the kids out so that your wife can relax at home.

24. Book her a day at the spa

Your wife would absolutely love to spend a day at the spa! So why not give her a treat by booking her a day at a nice spa so that she can take the day off and relax.

25. Send her a sweet text in the middle of the day

Surprise her by texting a sweet message to let her know that you’re thinking of her.

26. Leave random sweet notes around the house

Place the notes in her drawer, inside one of her shoes, in one of her dresses, inside her bag etc. Your wife will love the gesture, and she’ll have a smile on her face once she sees the notes!

27. Tell her a good joke

Make it really good, because women love a good sense of humour!

28. Make a playlist of your favourite songs when you were still dating

Your wife will definitely feel nostalgic when she remembers all of the amazing moments that you’ve had as a couple!

29. Take her somewhere she’s always wanted to go to

It could be a newly opened art exhibit, that small restaurant that opened up near your place, or even that clothing store where she loves buying clothes. 

30. Tell her a funny story from your childhood

It could be a story that you haven’t told anyone yet or a funny or embarrassing story that your wife doesn’t know.

31. Make a list of things about her that you just absolutely adore

It could be the way she smiles at you first thing in the morning, the way she takes care of you and your kids, or even how she cooks your eggs in the morning just the way you want them. Let her know that you notice these things, and you appreciate it.

32. Take those funny online quizzes together

You know those quizzes, the ones that your friends always share on Facebook. It should make for an interesting and fun activity that can bring you closer as a couple.

33. Watch a movie together

Grab a bucket of popcorn and treats while you’re at it, and settle in for a good, old-fashioned night at the movies!

34. Dig up your old photos

Show your wife your old photos from back when you were still dating, and reminisce about the past.

35. Compliment your wife in public

Make sure that other people can hear! Your wife will love knowing that you’re not shy to compliment her in front of other people.

36. Give her a kiss first thing in the morning, and tell her that you love her

It’s simple, sweet, and is sure to make your wife have an amazing day!

37. Go out for a walk

You don’t need to have a specific destination, just go out for a walk, and talk about anything and everything under the sun.

38. Give your wife a surprise hug from behind, and tell her you love her

Everyone loves hugs, and everyone loves surprises! So why not do both, and give your wife a surprise hug, along with an “I love you.”

39. Buy her favourite snacks

Instead of buying flowers for your wife on Valentine’s Day, why not buy her some of her favourite snacks? It’s something different, and your wife will love it!

40. Buy her a tub of ice cream

And eat it while watching a movie, or your a TV series that she loves!

41. Give her a call

Surprise her by giving her a call, and telling her that you miss her and that you love her.

42. Record a video of yourself on her phone

While she’s sleeping, or while she’s out, record a video of yourself saying a sweet message on your wife’s phone. Afterwards, send her a message and tell her to check her videos for a surprise!

43. Give her a massage

You don’t even have to use any scented oils or anything fancy. Just give your wife a massage and let her relax!

44. Go on a bike ride together

Mix it up and take your wife biking around town. Go to different places and just have fun spending time with one another.

45. Go have a picnic at the park

You don’t even need to have any fancy food. You can just prepare some sandwiches, chips, and juice, put them in a basket, and bring a blanket with you.

46. Compliment her

Compliments go a long way. Let your wife know that you appreciate her and that you absolutely adore her by always giving her compliments.

47. Ask your kids to do something special

Plan a surprise, or cook a fancy dinner with your kids for your wife on Valentine’s Day. Let your wife know that her family loves and appreciates her.

48. Plant trees with your wife on Valentine’s Day

Not only are you helping save the environment, you’re also going to have a cool and unique Valentine’s Day date with your wife! You can also bring some fruits as a snack to eat while you’re out planting trees!

49. Record a sweet message and send it to her

Record a sweet message on your phone, and let her know how amazing she is not only as as wife, but also as a mother to your kids. Send it to her email, or send it through Facebook messenger.

50. Give her something that will last a lifetime

It could be a physical gift, or you could also enrol her in a class that she’s always wanted to take. Maybe she has always wanted to take up pottery or painting. Now she can indulge that interest.

51. Write a song for your wife

It doesn’t even have to be perfect, just write some heartfelt lyrics, ask some of your friends who play instruments to play along with you, and record the song. Your wife will love the effort!

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