5 thrilling things you shouldn't miss at Singapore's National Day Parade 2017

5 thrilling things you shouldn't miss at Singapore's National Day Parade 2017

This year's National Day festivities promise lots of fun and spectacular sights for you and your family! Here's what you don't want to miss.

Singapore's National Day Parade is always an amazing occasion for family fun, but this year's bash looks set to be a must-see for your kids. 

Here's a sneak peek at some of the awesome things you can look forward to:

1) Unmanned drones

It's a bird, it's a plane... no, it's a record-breaking display of unmanned drones! For the first time ever, the parade will feature a breathtaking flock of 300 unmanned drones.

This will be Southeast Asia's biggest performance involving such drones, NDP organisers said

2) Clap choreography

This year's NDP is also packed with more engaging elements for the audience. Your little ones can have fun joining the clap choreography at key moments. For example, a performance involving mosquito puppets will require viewers to clap together, helping to 'eliminate' the pesky mosquitos. 

5 thrilling things you shouldn't miss at Singapore's National Day Parade 2017

3) Adorable tots

The theme for NDP 2017 is #OneNationTogether, with over 3,000 performers of diverse ages and walks of life. And even tots have a big role to play. 4-year-old Shaista Eman, the adorable daughter of actress-host Nurul Aini, will be performing in the parade!

4) Military showcases

Our awe-inspiring military displays are always a highlight of any NDP. This year's is set to be bigger and better than ever, to mark 50 years of National Service in Singapore.

The military tattoo performance, our Air Force's Salute to the Nation, and the State Flag Flypast are just some of the showcases lined up. 

5) Marina Bay skyline

The fireworks and aerial displays we look forward to every NDP will have a spectacular backdrop this year — the Marina Bay skyline. After a two-year hiatus, NDP 2017 is finally returning to the Marina Bay Floating Platform. 

While NDP tickets have been sold out, you and your family will have no trouble enjoying the festivities live. You can catch the parade broadcast on TV, or check out the official YouTube channel for live 360 Degree video streaming.

Order in some pizza, get cosy on the sofa, and make it a family night! As Colonel Tan Tiong Keat of the Show and Dynamic Defence Display committee put it, NDP is ultimately simply "a typical birthday celebration, where families and friends gather to reflect, to celebrate our present and to inspire and look forward to the future."

Source: ChannelNews Asia, The Straits Times

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