6 most popular National Day songs

6 most popular National Day songs

Find out if your favourite NDP theme song made it to our top 6 National Day songs.

One of the most popular segments of the National Day Parade is the performance of the National Day theme song. Get prepared for National Day by re-visiting (and singing along to) our National Day Favourites! 

Popular National Day Songs:

1. Stand Up For Singapore

In 1985, Stand Up For Singapore was the theme song. It’s a catchy, modern tune and one of the most popular National Day songs liked by many Singaporeans.

“Stand up, stand up for Singapore! “

2. Count On Me Singapore

This National Day song was written by Hugh Harrison and was 1986’s National Day theme song. The ambitious lyrics and calm voice behind the song caught everyone’s attention back then in the 80s.



3. We Are Singapore

This was the theme song for 1987 and 1988. It popularized the theme song segment during the National Day Parade. This melodious tune is loved by many Singaporeans and stands at fourth place out of so many popular National Day songs.



4. Where I Belong

Where I Belong written by singer/songwriter, Tanya Chua, was NDP 2001’s theme song. It was originally released in one of Tanya’s EPs and became an instant hit when it was introduced as the theme song for National Day. Tanya performed the song herself during the Parade.



5. Reach Out For The Skies

In 2005, the Singapore Idol singer, Taufik Batisah sang Reach Out For The Skies along with MediaCorp actress Rui En. The award winning composer and music director, Elaine Wan Chan was invited to write and direct this song.



6. Home

The National Day theme song, Home, is, and still is, well-liked by many Singaporeans because of its heartwarming lyrics. It became the most popular National Day song when it was used again in 2004, making it a familiar tune among most Singaporeans. It was sung by celebrity Kit Chan in both English and Chinese. Kit performed this song again in the 2010 NDP.

Kit Chan singing "Home" at the 2010 National day parade.

Kit Chan singing “Home“, at the 2010 National Day Parade.

Revisit the original music video of Home here:

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