Mum catches nanny stealing and drinking baby's milk

Mum catches nanny stealing and drinking baby's milk

A new mum caught her nanny stealing and swigging her baby's milk, but was even more shocked to discover that she suffered from a deadly communicable disease.

Many parents depend on helpers and nannies to help care for their little ones, especially if they need to head out to work. Some choose to install CCTV cameras so that they can keep a closer eye on their children, even when they are not home.

This is what one mummy did recently. However, she installed CCTV because of her gut instinct that something was not quite right with the nanny. 

What She Discovered Was Shocking…

The Chinese mum, only known by her surname Zhang, hired the nanny from a reputed housekeeping agency. She was informed by the company that the nanny – Jiang – came with a decade of experience and was highly recommended by her previous clients. 

“The agency told me the nanny had over 10 years of experience and came highly recommended by other clients,” Zhang reportedly told media. 

With that assurance Zhang hired Jiang, but became suspicious of her during her first few days of work. One of the things Zhang noticed about the nanny that sparked suspicions was that the woman had no sense of basic hygiene. 

“She didn’t even know that she was supposed to keep basins used for washing her face and bottom separate. She didn’t seem experienced at all,” she reportedly said.

Curious to check if her suspicions were right, Zhang installed CCTV cameras in her home. And what she saw, shocked her. 

CCTV Catches Nanny Stealing and Swigging Baby’s Milk, But There’s More…

nanny stealing

This nanny was caught stealing and swigging the baby’s milk, even though she was a Hepatitis B carrier. | Image courtesy: Screengrab/Mirror

During one of the recordings, Zhang noticed her nanny stealing and drinking her baby’s milk, directly from the bottle. 

She watched the footage in horror, seeing the nanny twist the cap off the baby’s milk bottle and drink half of it in seconds. The enraged mum confronted the nanny, and then demanded that Jiang take a blood test at hospital, since her saliva had touched the baby’s bottle. 

The test results turned all her nightmares into reality. 

Jiang turned out to be a carrier of Hepatitis B. As you know, this illness can be transmitted through bodily fluids. The virus is found in saliva too. In chronic cases, it can lead to liver failure. Its symptoms include flu, stomach ache, loss of appetite and yellowness of skin and eyes and and requires vaccination during the early stages of life. 

If a baby contracts this disease, it can result in serious illness, especially affecting the liver and even causing liver cancer. 

The Agency Discredits the Mother

Unfortunately for Zhang, all her complaints against the nanny back at the agency fell on deaf ears. The agency feigned ignorance over the matter.

They even stated that the nanny provided a clear hospital certificate and was not suffering from any medical problems. 

Although the mother has since vaccinated her daughter, she is still very worried that her baby may have contracted Hepatitis B.

“Hep B has an incubation period of three to six months, so there’s no way of knowing whether our child was actually infected or not,” Zhang said. 

“The agency assured us that the nanny was healthy. They lied,” she added.

The parents have not yet filed criminal charges against the agency or the nanny. They are still working out a compensation with the agency. 

This case has once again highlighted the importance of reading between the lines, especially when it comes to hiring a nanny for your baby. 

What to Keep in Mind Before You Hire a Nanny

As a working parent, you may find it tough to take care of your baby. And hiring a nanny may seem like a plausible option. But finding the right nanny can be a tedious process. However, with a few simple steps you can ensure you get the right hire. 

As mentioned in our previous article, here are a few things you must ensure before you hire a new nanny. 

  • Conduct a background check. Background checks are crucial and ensure that your nanny doesn’t have a criminal record or misdemeanours. 
  • Install a CCTV system. CCTV systems allow you to keep a close watch on the activities of the nanny and also reveal how she treats your baby behind your back.  
  • Opt for a reputable agency. Ask friends and family members for recommendations to ensure that you hire a nanny from a reputable agency. If your friend can lend you theirs and the nanny is willing to work with you after her previous tenure, opt for this safer choice.  
  • Always trust your motherly instincts. Your gut will tell you whether or not you should trust somebody, and the same goes for trusting a nanny. It’s not worth risking your child’s safety especially if you don’t feel at ease with a person taking care of your little one.


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Feature & lead images courtesy: Screengrab/Mirror

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