Must watch tribute to Olympian mums ad

Must watch tribute to Olympian mums ad

Behind every victory is a mother who is dedicated to nurture strengths and work patiently on weaknesses. That sacrificial virtue of most mothers is praised in this must watch ad—see for yourself.

Must watch tribute to Olympian mums ad

We marvel at the sheer dedication of Olympic athletes, their achievements and the records they have broken but seldom do we see the devotion behind the scenes—not just from the coaches but from the mothers and the years of giving and prepping that went in to build the character and foundation of each athlete.

The Procter & Gamble ad brought a tear to our eye and has gone viral and has received many deserving commendations. The ad “Best Job” was made for the 2012 London Olympic Games and it lavishes praise on mothers of athlete who will be competing this summer.

The simplicity of the ad makes it even more touching—it is the day-to-day seemingly mundane activities like waking up, making breakfast and staying there for emotional support while children train that make all the difference.

What struck us the most was the text within the ad: "The hardest job in the world is the best job in the world" No words are needed to explain a mother’s love, you see it in their actions and in their eyes—mums are definitely unsung heroes most deserving of praise and honour. Thank you mummy!

Watch the ad and tell us what you think. In case you did not already know, Procter & Gamble is a sponsor of Yahoo! Olympics coverage.

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Felicia Chin

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