Best Mum And Baby Skincare Products: Our Top 7 Picks

Best Mum And Baby Skincare Products: Our Top 7 Picks

Skincare is an important part of you and your baby's life, especially in the early days of life.

A good skincare routine is essential for all new mums and babies mostly because their skincare care needs are vastly different from the rest of the population. In the early days of life, a baby’s skin is incredibly delicate and needs proper nourishment while mums need to fully recover from the stresses of pregnancy and birth. So in order to ensure both mum and baby look and feel great, we’ve listed 7 skincare products that are safe and gentle for you and your little one’s skincare needs. 

7 Best Mum And Baby Care Products

1. Soothing

best baby care products in the world

Source: Handmade Heroes

Mums and babies are prone to developing rashes and other skin discomfort. For mums who are breastfeeding, you may be suffering from cracked, growing and sore nipples, meanwhile for baby, chances of getting diaper rash is likely. Homegrown skincare label, Handmade Heroes created their new Mama + Baby collection to address these issues. The collection features diaper balms, nursing balms, and baby massage oils.

The Handmade Heroes products are made with all-natural and plant-based ingredients such as calendula flower extracts and nourishing botanical oils.  The Soothe that Toosh Diaper Balm is made for babies suffering from diaper rash. It is petroleum-free balm made with mango butter, vitamin E, and zinc oxide mineral that helps repel water, reducing itch and discomfort. Breastfeeding mum can try out their Free the Nips Nursing Balm which aims to provide relief to cracked, growing and sore nipples. The balm similar to the diaper balm is also made of 100% all-natural, vegan plant-based ingredients and healing with calendula extract. 

2. Eczema Care

Best Mum And Baby Skincare Products: Our Top 7 Picks

Source: Little Bodies

Children and babies in Singapore are prone to develop eczema because of our humid climate where the smallest amount of sweat can aggravate the skin, causing inflamed, sore and unbearably itchy skin. Children and babies with dry and irritated skin may also find it hard to resist scratching at their affected skin areas, which may often worsen their conditions.

But often eczema creams cause a burning sensation or may even leave marks on your body. Australian brand Little Bodies has introduced its new series of steroid-free eczema care product that treats and prevents flare-ups and severity of eczema, by minimising day-to-day challenges through three key products – Little Bodies Skin Relief Cream, Little Bodies Skin Relief Wash & Shampoo, and Little Bodies Skin Relief Moisturising Lotion. Since these products are free of steroids, they are safe and gentle to use on babies. Little Bodies skin care is available at Watsons.

3. Irritated Skin


Best Mum And Baby Skincare Products: Our Top 7 Picks

Source:  Aenon Pharm

For mums looking for anti-itch and anti-inflammatory creams, MUSSIVITAL‘s range of skincare products comprising biologically active ingredients that balance and strengthen the skin is perfect for you and your baby’s sensitive skin. The Sensitive and Atopic ranges are made up of a special blend of lipid-replenishing emollients, that includes well-regarded ingredients such as shea butter and caprylic triglycerides which helps to soothe and comfort irritated skin. 

4. Stress-relief 

best baby care products in the world

Source: Aveeno

Mums who want to relieve their stress during bath time should try out the Aveeno‘s Baby Bathtime solutions which has shower gels and soaps for both mum and baby.

This gift set includes Baby Wash & Shampoo, tear-free Baby Calming Comfort- Bath, Baby Daily Moisture Lotion, plus an adult Stress Relief Body Wash because mums deserve pampering, too. Everything is designed for delicate baby’s skin, so mums have nothing to worry about! All products are also made with natural oatmeal which helps to treat dry skin and remove dead skin cells. 

5. Rejuvination

best baby care products in the world

Source: GAIA

Mums who have recently given birth and are dreading their stretch marks should try organic and natural skincare brand GAIA‘s Pure Pregnancy Belly Oil. The oil promotes skin elasticity and contains pure organic rosehip which is a rich source of vitamins, essential fatty acids and powerful antioxidants to rehydrate and rejuvenate the skin, especially when dry. The oil is also a perfect blend of organic oils to smooth lines and soften scars, improving the overall appearance of skin and stretch marks. The best part of this is mums can also apply this on their breasts, thighs, arms – anywhere where more moisture, elasticity or extra toning is required.

For mums who want to nourish their delicate baby’s skin, try out GAIA’s Natural Baby Massage Oil consisting of cold-pressed pure sweet almond oil, certified organic lavender, and certified organic chamomile pure essential oils. The massage oil is also mineral oil free so it will absorb beautifully into baby’s skin and will not clog pores or cause irritation.

6. Sensitive Skin

best baby care products in the world

Source: Cherub Rubs

Babies and mums have incredibly sensitive skin for various reasons. In order to protect themselves from skin infections, mums should apply natural creams that soothe irritated skin. Cherub Rubs‘ Skin Soothe cream is a great addition for sensitive skins as it contains organic ingredients like aloe vera juice, with hazel extract and lavender oil, all of which are safe and beneficial for sensitive skin.

As one of Singapore’s premier baby skin brands, Cherub Rubs makes products that are from natural, high-quality ingredients that have been certified organic by Organic Food Chain, an Australian Organic certification body, and are free of parabens and chemical preservatives.  Their products cover a range of skincare issues.

7. Calming

best baby care products in the world

Source: Earth Mama Organics

Mums, after childbirth there is a lot of damage that is done to your privates and while many people might suggest that the vagina heals itself you can always fasten the recovery process. Earth Mama‘s Organic Perineal Balm provides lasting, cooling comfort for “down there” before and after childbirth. It contains no petroleum, parabens or artificial fragrance which makes it safe to apply to your privates.

As for your babies, give their Calming Lavender Baby Wash a try. The wash is well-loved by parents worldwide because it contains NO artificial fragrance, triclosan, phthalates, parabens or sulfates, and it has a lovely lavender scent.  


So mums do take some time to invest in good skincare products for you and your little one! 

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Written by

Shreya Jagdish

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