Mums, here’s why you need the YouTube Kids app!

Mums, here’s why you need the YouTube Kids app!

While the Internet can be a great learning tool, it can also be a dangerous place for the unsupervised child. Fret not, the YouTube Kids app has arrived and it is the perfect solution!

The Youtube Kids app is here and it comes bearing the solution we’ve been looking for! We’re sure many of us are guilty of turning to YouTube the same way we turn to Google when we have a question or an itching curiosity. Let’s face it, our kids are no different.

Youtube Kids App

As parents, we are often caught between wanting our children to harness all the opportunities that the Internet provides and wanting to protect them from every danger it poses. So what’s a parent to do?

There’s no doubt that the internet is a fantastic learning tool and that with the constantly developing tech-savvy world we live in, this knowledge will definitely go a long way in helping our children in the future.


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What can I expect?

The Youtube Kids app has been tailored to suit the needs of our little ones. It is equipped with functions like voice search and with a fresh design using bigger and bolder icons. It is sure to appeal YouTubers of the smaller variety!

Additionally, YouTube Kids understands that as parents we need to set limits on our children’s screen time. This can prove to be difficult with stubborn tots who make you feel like the bad guy.


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The app comes with parent-friendly functions such as a timer, the ability to turn off the search function, and a space for feedback (so you can let YouTube know what is or isn't working for your child).

Further, family-focused content means that you can breathe easy knowing that only the best, child-appropriate content will be channeled your kid’s way. Their 4 easy categories, Shows, Learning, Explore, Music - make navigating the app a breeze for your child.

Who can I expect to see?


The app works the same way the regular YouTube app works, filtering and driving content that you’ve already expressed an interest in your way. Meaning that if your child has watched a video from Mother Goose Club, he or she can expect to see more content from that channel popping up and being recommended.

Plus, all of your child’s favourites will be made available on the app, so you can expect to see the likes of DreamWorksTV, Thomas the Tank Engine, the Oddbods, and so much more.

Where can I get it? 

As with all good apps, you can find the YouTube Kids app on both the Google Play store and the App Store. Available on both Android and Apple platforms means that you’ve got no excuse for not downloading it!

Image Source: YouTube, Google Play

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