This 7-year-old reviewing toys makes S$30 million a year as the highest paid YouTube star

This 7-year-old reviewing toys makes S$30 million a year as the highest paid YouTube star

Famous kids on YouTube: Ryan ToysReview, a popular YouTube channel that reviews children's toys is one of the top grossing YouTube channels of 2017!

This is Ryan. He’s the face behind the YouTube channel, Ryan ToysReview. Isn’t he adorable? 

Not only is he adorable, he is also a multi-millionaire! Last year, the six-year-old raked in a whopping US$11 million (or S$14.81 million) a year reviewing toys on his YouTube channel. 

He was the eighth spot highest-earning YouTube star on Forbes’ annual list this year. This charming little boy with a big onscreen personality is also the youngest on the list. 

After two years since its inception in March 2015, the toy reviewing channel has now grown to an impressive 10 million subscribers. Talk about an online personality.

This year, he earned US$22 million (or S$30 million) and has shot up to NUMBER ONE on Forbes’ annual list

ryan toysreview

Ryan of Ryan ToysReview presenting a new Thomas & Friends set.

It all started when Ryan asked his parents, as a four-year-old, why couldn’t he also review toys on YouTube. Thus, his YouTube channel was born.

He rose to Internet fame, becoming one of the most famous kids on the Internet, when one of his review videos, of him unboxing a Disney Pixar’s “Cars” toy set, went viral with close to 800 million views. 

His mum quit her day job to focus on building the channel full-time. Since then, with the continuous help of his supportive family, the Ryan ToysReview channel releases a new video almost daily!

According to The Verge, the channel’s viewership easily translates to about $1 million a month in advertising revenue alone.

To give some context, the Ryan ToysReview channel has amassed about 5.6 billion views for an average of 19.4 million views per day, 807,090 views per hour, 13,541 views per minute, and 224.2 views per second from November 2015 to September 2016 alone.

Children make up some of the most famous personalities on YouTube.

Here are some other kids that you might recognise from the social video-sharing platform:

1. Yebin 

ryan toysreview famous youtube kids baby yebin
This little Korean cutie won the hearts of millions of viewers with a viral video of her mum teaching her to say “No!” to strange men offering her sweet treats. 

2. EvanTubeHD

ryan toysreview famous youtube kids evantubehd
Evan of EvanTubeHD does reviews of new toys, tests out various snacks, and does other silly challenges. He has almost 3 million subscribers and over 2 billion views.

3. Gabe and Garrett

ryan toysreview famous youtube kids gabe and garrett

Gabe and Garrett have the coolest YouTube channel as they share their adventures of riding on their Power Wheels kids’ vehicles with their 1.2 million subscribers. 

4. Kids’ Toys

ryan toysreview famous youtube kids kids' toys

This pair of charismatic Filipino sisters have an impressive 2.5 million subscribers and their addictive review videos have collected over 2 billion views! 

Want to get inspiration to start your kid’s own YouTube channel? Watch the most viral Ryan ToysReview video below:


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Sarah Voon

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