Mother pregnates 14-year-old daughter!

Mother pregnates 14-year-old daughter!

A mother forcefully inseminates her 14-year-old daughter with frozen sperm. Find out what really happened in this mind-boggling case.


Read on for this bizarre tale where a mother deliberately inseminates her teen daughter…

This teen pregnancy story is one that has an unexpected spin to it. An adopted daughter was forced to bear a child, just because her mother was obsessed with having one more baby girl in the household. The adopted daughter, only known as A to protect her identity, went along with the crazy two-year insemination program just to win her mother’s affections.

According to reports, A told the High Court: “Mum said to me, “A, the only way I can have a fourth child is for you to get pregnant”.

Her reaction to the request was of childlike naivety: “I was shocked, pretty shocked at first. And then I suddenly thought, ‘Maybe if I do this then everything will be over. Mum will be happy like she was before’. And I also thought from a selfish point of view, ‘If I do this . . . maybe she will love me more’.”

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A “toxic cocoon” of a home

The mother in question has three children, all homeschooled. All so that her children will not be exposed to the world but live in isolation, away from friends and neighbours alike.

It was a home of violence and darkness. A had reported that she saw her mother hit her youngest sister frequently. The little one had been tied to a chair when she refused to sit still and even had duct tape stuck to her mouth for answering back.

Neighbours had described the family’s terrace house as a “fortress” with curtains that are drawn all the time and absolutely no one was allowed inside.

Child abuse

A body to be used

In essence this mother was merely using her daughter’s body for surrogacy purposes as she was banned from adopting more children yet she pined for just one more.

Reportedly the judge revealed: “A did not want to take part in the programme, but she allowed her body to be used by her mother because she loves her. A’s participation in the programme caused her continuous anxiety. The physical steps that the mother asked her to take were degrading, humiliating and, on occasions, painful.”

Watch the video below for the insemination process

Insemination nightmare

Frozen sperm was purchased over the internet by the mother. In fact, she prepared syringes with the sperm for her daughter to inseminate herself! The mother was also obsessed about having the offspring be a girl, so she forced A on a stringent diet of mostly alkaline and daily products—believing this diet would help influence the gender of the baby.

A son was born to A in June 2011—it was not an easy labour, A had to undergo surgery.

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Insemination process

Unconditional love

It is common for a mother to love her child unconditionally –she will do almost anything for the child. In this case however, A did everything she could to please her unreasonable adopted mother.

At the age of 15, after having gone through one miscarriage, A sent a Mother’s Day card containing a heart wrenching message albeit disturbing since we know what her mother did: “Happy Mother’s Day List (the things I cannot give you but would if I could).” A pasted pictures of her mum’s favourite celebrities on the card.

And at the bottom of the card A included a photo of her pregnancy test that was positive. The message continues: “And the one thing that I can. And will.” Surprisingly, according to court hearing reports, A still had a tender spot for her mother and was grateful that her mother had adopted her and her sisters. She shared: “My mum has done as much as she could to give us a good and happy life.”

Now A is 19 and lives in a foster home with her son.

Being grateful

Let’s take a moment and look at our lives and how our parents have raised us in love. Now, we in turn bringing our children up in an environment of comfort and affection. Let’s soak up our blessings and be thankful for all that we have knowing that not everyone is as fortunate as we are.

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