Monkey Bar Accidents Responsible For 14,167 Children In Emergency

Monkey Bar Accidents Responsible For 14,167 Children In Emergency

We've also given you some more playground tips towards the end of the article.

We send our kids to the play ground so that they can have fun. But one common and popular piece of playground equipment has recently come under fire by safety experts: Monkey bars. Are they safe? Well, perhaps not, according to Australian statistics on monkey bar accidents. In fact,  experts are urging for monkey bars to be removed as soon as possible from playgrounds.

What the evidence says about monkey bar accidents

“Monkey bars were fine during my time as a kid, but they’re not an appropriate form of play equipment in 2018,” says David Eager, a professor of risk management at the University of Technology Sydney.

Statistical evidence strongly supports Professor Eager’s conclusion. Lisa Sharwood, an injury epidemiologist from the University of Sydney, explains that within just one Australian state:

  • Monkey bar injuries have lead to a rise in 41% of emergency department cases over the past ten years
  • In total, there were 14, 167 monkey bar-linked Emergency Department presentations. Of these, 81% involved five- to nine-year-olds

Many of these injuries come in the form of fractured bones, which are usually caused by playground falls — the most common cause of injury for small children.

Any better alternatives?

What’s a good replacement? Professor Eager suggests replacing the dangerous monkey bars with an equally fun, more inclusive and risky-yet-safe alternative: spatial nets.

His reasons are simple. Professor Eager doesn’t intend to completely take risks out of playgrounds. Rather, as the Sydney Morning Herald reports, he says that “exposing kids to risk is vital in raising well-balanced and happy kids. But monkey bars are a hazard.”

According to Professor Eager, ever since these spatial nets have been put in place, children’s injuries have lessened.

“Monkey bars are just so popular at lunchtime and recess kids are fighting for them, jostling for position – it’s one of the contributing factors to injuries,” Professor Eager said. The much safer “spatial nets get 50 odd kids on them and still seem to be saying, ‘Have you got any more you can give me?'”

monkey bar accidents

Parents, don’t forget to monitor your kids while in the playground as there are other risks besides monkey bar accidents, too. | Image Source: Stock Photo

Other playground safety tips

Here are some important playground safety tips that mums and dads should always remember:

  • Always keep an eye on your kids, and never let them out of your sight. 
  • Don’t go down the slide with your child, as this can cause leg injuries.
  • Make sure that the equipment is safe, and that there are no sharp bits sticking out or any rusty surfaces. 
  • Dress your child appropriately. Make sure that their clothes can’t get snagged on the playground equipment.
  •  Teach your child to not push or shove other children in the playground. 
  • If your child is still young, it would be best to not let them play with the bigger kids just yet, as some kids can play pretty rough.
  • When playing on the swing, make sure your child holds on tight and avoids standing on the seat.

Parents, we hope that this article on monkey bar accidents has helped keep your child safe in the playground. If you liked this article, please consider sharing it on your social media platform!

Reference: Sydney Morning Herald

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