Mum Shares Why You Should Never Go Down A Slide With Your Child

Mum Shares Why You Should Never Go Down A Slide With Your Child

One mum urges every parent to be more careful, after her daughter suffered a common, yet easily preventable playground injury.

When kids play in the playground, getting hurt with small scratches and bumps sometimes is normal. But breaking a limb? Now that’s serious. However, there is one piece of playground equipment that can cause serious injuries such as broken limbs in children, as one mum found out a few years ago. Now, she makes it a point to share one picture every year, to raise awareness among parents on how to avoid this same injury in their own kids. 

Mum Shares Why You Should Never Go Down A Slide With Your Child

Playground Injury: The One Tip You Should Always Remember

Heather Clare, a mum of three, shared a post on Facebook recently telling the story of how she could have easily prevented her daughter’s playground injury.

She wrote that she was in the playground with Meadow, who was 12 months at the time.

Heather then decided to take her daughter to the slide and rode down it with her daughter. What she didn’t know was that when they went down, it caused her daughter’s leg to break.

“This picture is the moment her leg was breaking. She’s still smiling… because it was happening at this exact moment,” she writes.


playground injury

This photo captured the exact moment when her daughter’s leg broke.

She later took her daughter to the ER, where the doctor informed her that her daughter’s injury is surprisingly common among children – and that it mainly happens whenever an adult rides down the slide with a young child.

“I share this picture every year in hopes that the pain Meadow felt and the guilt that I still feel will save other babies and parents from the same. Don’t ever go down a slide with a baby on your lap. There is no SAFE way to go down a slide with your little [one],” Heather wrote.

Playground Safety Tips

Mum Shares Why You Should Never Go Down A Slide With Your Child

Here are some important playground safety tips that mums and dads should always remember:

  • Always keep an eye on your kids, and never let them out of your sight.
  • Don’t go down the slide with your child, as this can cause leg injuries.
  • Make sure that the equipment is safe, and that there are no sharp bits sticking out or any rusty surfaces.
  • Dress your child appropriately. Make sure that their clothes can’t get snagged on the playground equipment.
  • Teach your child to not push or shove other children in the playground.
  • If your child is still young, it would be best to not let them play with the bigger kids just yet, as some kids can play pretty rough.
  • When playing on the swing, make sure your child holds on tight and avoids standing on the seat.


Source: Facebook

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