Monday Blues: Love notes

Monday Blues: Love notes

Anybody that’s ever been through school would know the pain and the humiliation of getting your love notes confiscated by a teacher...but not this student who was lucky enough to have a totally cool teacher instead.


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Ah Monday…that evil day that we all have to go through every week for the rest of our lives.

The evil day that vanquishes the satisfaction of sleeping in till the middle of the day and the joy of doing absolutely nothing at all.

Ah Monday, how we abhor you.

So here’s a little something for you to chase the Monday Blues away:

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A teacher intercepted a love note from a student and instead of confiscating it forever or humiliating the student with it, the teacher edited the wonky bits out and gave it back to the student, telling her to fix it and then to send it to the recipient of her schoolgirl crush.

Is there a cooler or funnier way to teach students the correct grammar and syntax?

We think not.

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