5 Fabulous Reasons to Use Humour in Parenting

5 Fabulous Reasons to Use Humour in Parenting

Take a chill pill and relax with some humour! :)

Every day, parents need to make decisions regarding their children.

Whether the child has done something wrong, is feeling down, or is angry at his/her parents, parents need to know how to deal with each situation in a way that positively affects their child.

That's why we at theAsianparent believe that it's truly important to use humour in parenting.

Think about it: If we parents know how to 'look at the brighter side' and how to keep things 'light,' it can definitely do wonders to our relationship with our kids.

1. Humour helps our children relate to us better

5 Fabulous Reasons to Use Humour in Parenting

Parents should strive to deal with their children at their 'level.'

For example, imagine that your child is peeved and starts calling you names like “poopy-face.”

Now, while it is tempting to scold him or her, or dish out punishments, why not reply in mock horror instead: “How did you know my SECRET NAME?!”

With just a simple, humorous response, you can break down the barrier between you and your child, giving him or her the opportunity to relate to you at his or her level.

Of course, you'd also need to talk to your child later on about the need to respect his or her elders.

2. Humour helps stimulate learning

When helping your child out with his or her schoolwork, a little bit of humour could go far in terms of helping the lessons 'stick' in your child’s mind.

Think about it: Your child might forget scientific rules, lengthy English comprehensions and mathematical formulas, but he or she will definitely remember a hilarious scientific experiment gone wrong in the kitchen with Mummy (or Daddy)!

3. Humour helps build resilience

5 Fabulous Reasons to Use Humour in Parenting

Picture this scenario — your kid runs to you with tears streaming down his face, telling you how his Lego building was accidentally destroyed.

You immediately run to the window and look around in shock. “You destroyed a building?" you ask him. "Where is it?! We have to call the police!” you continue, with a silly smile on your face.

Keep the act up and your child may be laughing again in no time... and back to playing happily with his Lego!

There will always be tough moments in life. Dogs will pass away, soccer games will be lost, and Lego towers will eventually fall down.

That's why parents need to teach our kids how to smile in the face of adversity.

A dash of silliness could be just what you need to help kindle that little spark of resilience in your child.

4. Humour helps get the job done

Let's face it — there will most likely be certain instances when your child will refuse to obey your orders.

Picture this scenario:

You're in a hurry to leave the house with your child, but she isn't done getting dressed. Try as you may, she simply refuses to put on 'that dress' that you so carefully chose for her. Instead of losing your cool, use a bit of silliness to work the situation to your advantage.

Confiscate the dress and tell her that if she does not want to wear it, you will. Then, attempt to wear the dress.

Your child will most likely start breaking out in giggles soon afterwards... and will don the dress in no time!

Remember: When a parent succeeds in making a moody child smile, the battle is already half-won.

5. Humour helps us to avoid clashes with our kids

5 Fabulous Reasons to Use Humour in Parenting

The relationship between parent and child can be a power struggle at times. A bit of humour at an unexpected time surprises a child, and, in many cases, helps relieve tension.

When you come home from a busy day at work to noisy, rambunctious children, it can be tempting to get into a shouting match with them when they are being stubbornly rowdy.

However, we all know that doing so is unproductive — and it usually leads to everyone feeling hurt.

So, instead of heading towards a clash, consider joining your children in their revelry. Play with them for a while and then tell them to rest afterwards.

This way, you won't need to argue with them about being quiet and you even get to spend a bit of quality time with them!

Can you think of other reasons to use humour in parenting? Feel free to share them with us by leaving a comment below!

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Written by

Felicia Chin

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