Meningitis in children: Little baby with meningitis loses all 4 limbs, family seeks help

Meningitis in children: Little baby with meningitis loses all 4 limbs, family seeks help

Meningitis in children: Baby Kia was diagnosed with a viral illness and taken home. Several hours later she was fighting for her life in Accident & Emergency.

A little baby has been struck with the ‘worst case of meningitis doctors have seen in 25 years’, and her plight is truly heartbreaking.

Family seeks help for baby with severe meningitis

According to this report, 4 weeks back, 10-month-old baby Kia Gett was rushed to intensive care at Leeds General Infirmary, UK, in critical condition.

Apparently, Kia’s mum Vikki had first taken her to the GP, worried that something was amiss. The little child had a fever of 38.5 C and was vomiting. She had been jerking in her sleep and was lethargic when awake.

Vikki had also noticed a couple of spots on her chest.

Unfortunately, Kia was diagnosed with just a viral illness and taken home.

When her dad Paul went to check on her during the night, he found that her body was covered in a rash. Paramedics rushed to the scene, and the little baby had a mini cardiac arrest before she was taken to Bradford Royal Infirmary.

Meningitis in children: Little baby with meningitis loses all 4 limbs, family seeks help


She was then transferred to intensive care at Leeds General Infirmary.

That is where the family received the devastating news that all four limbs would have to be removed. She had been struck by Meningitis C septicaemia.

An MRI scan also revealed that baby Kia may lose her sight and hearing, and suffer 90% brain damage.

The family has not given up hope though, and have set up a a JustGiving page. Kia’s aunt recently revealed the heartbreaking news that the little baby’s 4th limb had been amputated…

The JustGiving page reads, “Kia has a big brother and sister who are not only missing her, but also their mum who has not left the hospital since she was admitted.”

“The family are facing a long hard road and Kia’s dad Paul is self employed. Please donate anything you can to help at least relieve some financial pressure.”

Our heart bleeds to see baby Kia in this condition…here’s praying for a miracle…

Meningitis in children: Signs and symptoms

In meningitis, the membranes or meninges surrounding the brain and spinal cord get inflamed and swell up, usually because of an infection. This infection can be bacterial, viral or fungal in nature.

Viral meningitis is the most common, particularly in children below the age of five. It is usually not life-threatening and the patient can recover in a few weeks.

Bacterial meningitis, however, is serious and can cause brain damage and even death.

Symptoms of meningitis and septicaemia include:

  • Fever and/or vomiting 
  • Severe headache 
  • Limb, joint or muscle pain 
  • Cold hands and feet and or shivering 
  • Pale or mottled skin 
  • Breathing fast or feeling breathless 
  • A rash anywhere on the body 
  • A stiff neck – less common in young children 
  • A dislike of bright lights – less common in young children 
  • Very sleepy, vacant, or difficult to wake 
  • Confused or delirious 
  • Seizures or fits may be seen 

According to this report on the Ministry of Health (MOH) website in Singapore, “Routine immunization of children with meningococcal vaccine is not recommended because the response is poor in young children and the immunity is relatively short-lived.”

“Meningococcal vaccination is recommended for travellers to meningococcal endemic areas like Africa, South America, Middle and Far East. Travellers should be given the vaccine at least one week before departure, if possible.”

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