Shocking! Do You Know Some Men Love to Drink Breast Milk

Shocking! Do You Know Some Men Love to Drink Breast Milk

How strange!

You may have heard of all sorts of weird fetishes but what may come as a surprise to many is the fact that there is an increasing interest amongst men about breastfeeding.

Yes, you heard it right —  adult men interested in feeding off breast milk or drinking breast milk for pleasure or for its benefits may just be the most bizarre but rising topic of interest in India to be specific. 

Some time back, a Google study found that the topic: ‘My husband wants me to “breastfeed me”,’ is one of the hottest topics on the Internet. According to Google data scientist amusingly most of these searches come from India.

This result may come as Asians are known to be uptight and prudish about matters of sex. But the fact remains that a fetish like this one exists and women are perhaps too shy to ask experts or friends a topic as taboo as this one, thus resorting to the Internet with their queries.

Nutrition or fantasy?

A few years ago, there were reports coming in from China that men were looking to consume breast milk as it is full of nutritive values. In fact, there have been some reports in the West too where a few men have admitted to consuming breast milk in a hope to cure themselves of a terminal and other serious diseases.

Shocking! Do You Know Some Men Love to Drink Breast Milk

If you think that all this is just some weird man’s fantasy then you may be stumped to know that there is an online black market of sorts for breast milk.

People buy, sell or even exchange breast milk for something. And while there are women who can not breastfeed and are looking for breast milk for their babies, shockingly there are men too who are interested in buying it for themselves.

There have been some claims that how breast milk works like an elixir of sorts for athletes who want to improve their performances but the fact remains that all human fluids also carry the possibility of transmitting deadly diseases including HIV. So buying off the net from an unknown source may not be such a good idea.

Sexual desire

when the sex stops in your relationship

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A yet another and more plausible reason why men would be so attracted to something that is so maternal is the factor of sexual desire. Since times immemorial women’s breasts have been held as an object of fantasy and titillation for men.

It may come as a natural reaction for some men to see themselves suckling even as the mother is lactating. According to sex therapists if a couple is having sex during the lactating phase of a mother it may be natural that a man tastes breast milk while suckling. For some men, the incidental tasting turns exploratory and they want to discover more of it.

However, if you are confronted by a situation such as this one it is best to talk it over to your husband. If you are too uncomfortable with the thought there is no harm in taking a counsellors’ opinion too.

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