Newest Fad: Adults Drinking Breast Milk For Health

Newest Fad: Adults Drinking Breast Milk For Health

Rafaela Lamprou, a mum-of-two sells her breast milk to adult men. Why?

It’s time you said “goodbye” to the milkman because the milkmaid is here! A 24-year-old mother from Cyprus has made a whopping $6,000 (SGD7,892) by selling her breast milk to men – body builders in particular. She says she is not only catering to babies but also to adults drinking breast milk for health. 

Rafaela Lamprou, a mum-of-two, gave birth to her son Anjelo in August 2017. But she soon realised that she was producing excess milk. “It was too much – it was taking up all the chest freezer. It was full. I didn’t know what to do with it,” she told Caters News Agency

Adults drinking breast milk for health approached this mum

Running out of room to store breast milk, Lamprou decided to donate her breast milk. When she started, she was only catering to mothers who were unable to produce enough milk. But soon enough, men began to approach her. 

“I then started to get some enquiries from men. It started with men who were interested in bodybuilding. They say it is good for building muscle mass,” she shared.

She added that apart from body builders, men with fetishes also began to ask her for her breast milk. “But then I started to get enquiries from men with fetishes.”

And so she decided to oblige. 

adults drinking breast milk for health

The 24-year-old started pumping and storing excess milk for men who wanted her breast milk. | Image courtesy: stock image

Lamprou started a Facebook page asking people to place orders for her breast milk.

“I started a Facebook group about it and people approach me on there. I have been made to take tests to ensure I don’t smoke or drink,” Lamprou said.

She also listed herself on “a website where men can approach me for the milk.” She said that while she doesn’t exactly know what these men do with  her breast milk, most tell her they drink it for health purposes. 

“I have no idea what they do with it but they tell me they consume it,” she shared. 

 “It was a bit strange at first giving breast milk to a guy with fetishes but as long as it is just that and not asked to show any part of my body, I don’t mind at all. I am open-minded,” said Lamprou. 

Lamprou ships her breast milk abroad as well

For her breast milk, Lamprou charges male buyers €1 (89p) per ounce. She made £4,500 (SGD $7,892) from nearly 500 litres of breast milk that she sent to strangers.

Incidentally, she not only ships within her country, but also to other places such as the UK. 

“My husband is so supportive of me. I am not sure how much longer I will carry on for,” she shared.

Adults drinking breast milk for health is not just a fad, say experts

Brian St. Pierre, sports dietician with Precision Nutrition tells Men’s Health that breast milk is quite beneficial for body builders because it is “incredibly caloric and nutrient dense.”

adults drinking breast milk for health

Yes, there are several growth hormones in breast milk, but whether or not they actually benefit a human adult remains to be seen. | Image courtesy: Pixabay

“Breast milk is designed to rapidly grow a human baby, so maybe people think a similar effect will happen to fully grown humans?” he shared. 

However, he did add that he wasn’t sure about how breast milk helped adults become healthy. 

“Interestingly, there are also several growth hormones in breast milk. Although I’m not sure that they actually benefit a human adult in any way,” he added. 

But it doesn’t actually help…

It must be noted here that there are no studies to prove that breast milk actually helps an adult become stronger. This is especially true for women with weak health. 

A spokeswoman for the British Nutrition Foundation recently told the Telegraph that breast milk doesn’t help an adult in anyway.

“Breast milk is designed specifically to match a baby’s requirements and has all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals they need to grow. It is not designed to support adult health,” the spokeswoman said. 

Sources: Independent, NYPost

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(Feature image courtesy: Cater New Agency)

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