Singaporean Radio DJ Reveals That She Is Expecting Twins!

Singaporean Radio DJ Reveals That She Is Expecting Twins!

Singapore actress and Radio DJ, Melody Chen, has just revealed on Instagram that she and hubby Randall Tan are expecting twins!

Dreams do come true, when you least expect them to!

ONE FM 91.3 Radio DJ, actress and host Melody Chen, and actor hubby Randall Tan had been trying for a baby for 9 years. A miscarriage and a failed in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) attempt later, they had given up on ever conceiving a baby.

The couple had especially pinned all their hopes on the IVF procedure early this year, and Chen recalls being particularly disheartened that it didn’t work out. She tells The New Paper, “With the effort put in and all the jabs they gave me, I thought it would work 70 to 90 % of the time.”

The high cost of IVF, together with Chen’s fear of needles were reason enough to stay away from a second attempt.

Singaporean Radio DJ Reveals That She Is Expecting Twins!


“We are Pregnant”

And then, 2 months back, the couple went to Hong Kong on holiday, and ended up doing some wild, adventurous stuff. In Chen’s words, “I climbed a mountain, I got drunk on sake, I ate all raw meat..”

When they got back, Chen realised that she was 8 weeks pregnant – with twins!

She remembers being all shocked and dumbfounded, and instantly regretting her holiday fun, and as she tells The New Paper, “The happiness hadn’t set in yet. I was more of ‘What have I done? It was like the worst (things) you could possibly do (when you are pregnant).”

Well, 39-year-old Chen is apparently 4 months pregnant now. She recently shared her joy on Instagram, with a super cute picture full of personalised M&M’s.

Singaporean Radio DJ Reveals That She Is Expecting Twins!


As to why she had waited for so long to reveal the good news, she tells 8 Days, “I would have waited till 6 months, but with twins, I’m starting to balloon up and it’s a bit hard to give excuses already…”

This mummy-to-be is taking it easy right now, and has cut down on hosting gigs and events. She is especially concerned about the LEEP (Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure) surgery she had a couple of years ago. The surgery is usually done when you have abnormal cells in your cervix, which may progress into cervical cancer. 

Melody reveals more to 8 Days, “I was quite lucky ’cos I spotted [the abnormal cells] early and did the surgery and it was all was good, but they removed a bit of the cervix, which means your cervix is shortened.”

“So when you get pregnant, with a single baby, it should be okay, but with multiples, it can get a bit heavy on the cervix, so I just have to rest more and stay horizontal whenever I can. [The situation] may cause pre-term labour, so we have to monitor it carefully…”

Right now, all she prays for is the good health of her babies, “We don’t have a preference in terms of gender —just please be healthy, and I hope I can carry to term. I think I will need lots of bedrest.”

Do take care, Melody. We wish you a smooth pregnancy, and blessed motherhood ahead.

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(Source: The New Paper, 8 Days)

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