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I was due to deliver on a Saturday 16 November 2008. My husband and I went for breakfast at McDonald's in the early morning on Thursday 13 November. My gynae had advised that they would have to induce labour should I not deliver by the 16 November so I was really hoping that my baby will arrive before the weekend. I heard from friends that many mommies do deliver on the day that they choose to eat at McDonalds. Never did I realize that it would happen to me too!

After driving my husband to his office, I drove him as usual to work from home. Then I received a phone call that a church friend had just delivered and she described her delivery to me, which made me excited about my delivery. Nevertheless I was happy to let God decide when it was best for me to deliver. My colleagues picked me up and we had a lovely lunch together at Ikea and we even joked about how I may deliver on the same day.

Indeed words are powerful as a few hours after lunch, my waterbag started to leak. Thankfully I had changed my mind to drive out to get some tea time snacks as it had started to rain. Otherwise, my waterbag would have leaked while I was probably queuing up for dim sum!

I called my husband and told him that I suspect that my waterbag may have broke and that sent him in total "panick" mode even though I mentioned that I was not certain if I was really going into labour. Silly me even posted on a forum for advice and went online to chat with my sister to find out if I was really going into labour! I decided to take a quick shower and prepare just in case.

Before I was even done, my husband was home and ready to make our way to the hospital. My dad drove us to the hospital and we quickly registered and checked-in around 6:30pm and proceeded to the delivery suite where the action really began.

I was pretty determined not to take the epidural but gave in after a while and it was such a relief! Our gynae had predicted that I would only deliver past midnight and the nurses told my husband to have his dinner and slowly make his way and we had plenty of time to wait. However, when the nurses checked on me about 2 hours later they found out that I was already 8cm dilated. They quickly called my husband to return to the hospital and started to practice the "pushing" exercise with me.

Our gynae arrived about 10pm and with 3 pushes, baby Heidi was delivered at 10:34pm!

It was definitely a quick and smooth delivery and I look back and am still amazed at how God's wonders work!

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