Math Evolve: fun, educational app for kids

Math Evolve: fun, educational app for kids

How many of us are guilty of bribing our kids with candy or money to learn something new, especially when it comes to math? Read more to find out how one math app is changing the way kids learn -- making bribery a thing of the past!

Math Evolve: fun, educational math game

Check out how math is evolving for kids these days!

Tapping into your child’s inner mathematician can require quites a bit of work. You even begin to question whether you passed on the math gene or not. However, before you get that far ahead in your negative thoughts – consider turning to learning apps that will help your child in places he/she is struggling. With a little online research and suggestions from parents, you should be able to identify a math app that suits your child like a glove on a hand. Are you panicking because you don’t know where to start your research? We’ll help you get started!

Revolving around math

These days a very popular math app is Math Evolve by Zephyr Games. The fact that this program is designed by Zephyr Games, speaks volumes about how fun and engaging it will be. Focused on being fun and an educational learning tool, it is popularly used for practicing math facts, learning about number sense, and mastering higher levels of mental math skills.

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What to expect

Zephyr games designed the app to allow your child to choose which skill he/she prefers to practice on. It is also made to be flexible so that you or your child can customise the level of difficulty presented by each math problem. Your child can easily improve his/her division, addition, and subtraction skills. And, if you think this is limited to the young ones, then think again! It has the ability to be customized for children of all ages. Maybe with this app, siblings will finally let go of their life-long rivalry, and play together. (This app is primarily made for kids ages 6 and up.)


Playing off of the idea of a ‘game-style’ concept, Math Evolve combines education with the arcade style of game play. This enables your child to actually feel as if they are standing in a busy arcade place. Children today require some level of eye engaging stimulus to keep them interested for more than a few minutes. In Math Evolve, your child will be able to choose from three different story modes: microscopic, ocean or outer space adventures. With these exciting background additions, this math app has often been referred to as “one of a kind.”


Math Evolve allows you to profile and track your child’s progress in a non-invasive manner. This is especially important for your child if he/she is rather sensitive about his/her capabilities. The data provided from these monitoring exercises can also help you to improve your child’s learning forays by creating target based practice exercises.

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Math Evolve

How do you feel about the look of Math Evolve?


There are many positive reviews given by parents on different sites, who have encouraged their children to use Math Evolve. Some of the more popular comments are centred around the fun and engaging elements that seems to embody this math app. Due to the customised feature that allows a parent to choose programs to suit all ages, Math Evolve is also heralded as being the ideal app for the family. At the price of about S$4, many claim that Math Evolve is the best math app out there.

Share your thoughts on this math app, and let us know if Math Evolve is really all it is painted out to be!

Get a sneak peek here of what the craze is all about:

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