Challenge maths with Math Monkey and Vedic Math

Challenge maths with Math Monkey and Vedic Math

Try solving 97 x 93 in five seconds. Without a calculator or paper and pencil. Finding it tough? You’re not alone. Let Math Monkey Program change the way we see Math!


Take on math with Math Monkey and Vedic Math

Try solving 97 x 93 in five seconds. Without a calculator or paper and pencil. Having a tough time? You’re not alone.

Math is challenging for almost everyone, no matter your age – so it’s no wonder that so many people look for ways to make it fun and easy for kids. Check out Math Monkey and Vedic Math to help you glide through maths!

Math Monkey Curriculum

Founded by Professor Kenneth Williams, the Math Monkey Curriculum is the culmination of more than 36 years of his research and teaching experience in Vedic Math. Widely regarded as the Vedic Math ‘Guru’, he believes that children shouldn’t have to rely on a calculator or pencil and paper as their minds are fully capable of doing without them!

At Math Monkey, students play games to solve mathematical problems. Their mission is to get kids to embrace and excel in Math in a fun way! So whether it’s addition, multiplication, division, or fractions, the Math Monkey program will help make math easy for your kids.

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Math Monkey preschoolers

Math Monkey preschoolers in a game session

So, What is Vedic Math?

Vedic Math is the name given to the ancient system of mathematics, or, to be precise, a unique technique of calculations based on simple rules and principles, with which any mathematical problem – be it arithmetic, algebra, geometry or trigonometry – can be solved mentally! Vedic Math also successfully teaches children to think mathematically and achieve Math competency. As Vedic Math is considered a mental system, so it gives us the opportunity to build a piece of the brain that is neglected in today’s information age: memory and mental agility.

According to Dean Uchida, Business Development Manager of Math Monkey, the Vedic techniques are applied to create excitement and curiosity among kids, so they will continue investigating math and will want to learn more and more!

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Dr. Carol Cheong, Chief Executive of Math Monkey shared with us her reason for introducing Math Monkey in Singapore:

I love mathematics and I wanted other Singaporeans to love the subject too. I was a lecturer in a number of universities, and I realised how stringent and rigid the Singapore Math system was.

I decided to research on different mathematical methods and centres that provided those kinds of methods, and when I was introduced to the Math Monkey Program, I found it to be thoroughly engaging as they had such an revolutionary concept! That was when I decided to bring Math Monkey into Singapore.

There are three components to the Math Monkey Programs:

1. Use of games in Math Monkey Classes – Children are encouraged to think on their toes in order to be able to play the games. As a result, learning occurs and Math skills are greatly enhanced. Dean elaborates:

“Games-based lessons are broken down into 2 parts – During the 1st half, the interactive instructor will conduct the lesson of the week. ‘Game of the Day’, which is designed to let the kids practice what they have learnt during the first half, is then conducted through games. The games are conducted in a manner that ensures competitiveness because the children are focused on winning. And getting them to focus is the main key!”

2. Sharpening of concentration and memory skills – Classes are conducted primarily without the use of pencil and paper. According to her, this will build mental math ability of the children. Dr Carol also strongly discourages the use of finger counting as it will put a child at a disadvantage as he/she grows older.

3. Continued learning at home – through weekly home assignments, otherwise known as homework. “Our homework is slightly different,” Dean shared. “Here, we do not believe in drilling. Typically in Asia, Math is all about drilling and memorising. For Math Monkey, the focus is on understanding, to read patterns in numbers and understand the relationship of these patterns.”

The Math Monkey Programme

The Math Monkey programs are divided into various levels depending on the mathematical abilities of the individual child:

Number of students in each class: 12

Lessons are ability-based, meaning that children who join in the Math Monkey Program will not necessarily be placed in classes in accordance with their age group. Instead, they will be placed in ‘Troops’ that are similar to their mathematical capabilities and start at a level where it is most comfortable for them.

Dean shared an anecdote about a Primary four student with ADHD who is still going for lessons in Math Monkey. Unable to focus and always easily agitated, his mother had sent him to various enrichment centres, thinking he would improve in his school work but to no avail. Once enrolled in Math Monkey, there was a vast improvement in his homework and he even enjoys lessons now. His behaviour has also improved, Dean smilingly continued.

Teacher – student ratio: 1:6

As long as there are more than six students in class, two teachers will be present. The lead instructor will conduct the lesson, while the assistant teacher will help to facilitate the class and give personal attention to those who needs them during the lesson.

Duration of lessons: 1 hour

An hour might not seem like much, but that’s the beauty of the Math Monkey program. We witnessed for ourselves the Math Monkey method being put to use when we were there. A 5-year-old boy was given the sum 8 + 3 + 7 + 2 + 20 to do (the answer’s 40, by the way), and he got the answer right in less than ten seconds! I bet some of you are still calculating!

Math Monkey

Class in session at The Math Monkey

The Reward System

According to Dean, the reward system adds to the fun and gives students the sense of “earning” their stickers through effort put in for the classes at Math Monkey. He enthused:

“We reward stickers to our students, winners or not. For example, they get stickers for doing well in their activities or homework so there’s different ways of earning more stickers. Our stickers are called Math Monkey Moolahs!

How the system works is we have this glass cabinet filled with toys, water bottles and other things so it’s actually like an arcade where you can exchange token for things from the glass cabinet! The purpose of the stickers is to motivate them to do better and also to impart to them life skills so they can learn to earn and spend their Moolahs wisely.”

What We Loved

The huge, wall-to-wall whiteboard is sure to grab your child’s attention and keep their eyes glued to the board! Lessons are fun and interactive, and we’re sure the kids won’t feel like they’re studying. Also, we think that their reward system is ingenious; it’s like being in an arcade! Overall, we love the fact that Math Monkey not only teaches your children mathematics, it also teaches them life skills – just like in the real world, where decision making is important.


10 percent on Semester Fee:

  • Math Monkey is offering a 10 percent discount off the semester fee for all students who sign up now!

Special Sibling Discount:

  • Siblings at Math Monkey can enjoy a further 10 percent discount on the semester fee!

Come on down and grab math by the tail! Call them for a free assessment test and free trial class now!

For more information, call 83388656 or 81278656. You can also check out their website at

Math Monkey Singapore is located at #05-03 Eastgate Building, 46 East Coast Road, Singapore 428766.

They open from 9.00AM to 6.00PM everyday except Tuesdays.

Watch a video of Math Monkey Vedic Math Singapore

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