Masrizq Birth

Masrizq Birth

Siti Zahariah Tumin shares her labour story with

I have 4 children. The 1st 3, I had my normal contractions and when I reached Mount Elizabeth, I don't know what the labour ward looks like because I was in pain and was concentrating only on my contractions and waiting anxiously for my baby to be delivered.

But for my 4th baby, I was induced by my gynae. I didn't wait for my due date because my gynae will be overseas and I don't want any other doctors to deliver my baby except him.

So on 14.05.2008 at 7.45am, I checked in to Mt Elizabeth Labour Ward feeling excited & happy at the same time cos I got the chance to see and walk around in the nice & comfortable ward.Then at 8.00am, my gynae Dr Cheng Jew Ping came and prepared everything for me.

I thought after he had put on the drip for me I could take my breakfast but he told me I can't because he don't want me to vomit after my baby was delivered.

So sad, I just lay on my bed. My hubby was happy taking videos all around in the labour ward. Time past and I could feel the contractions coming. One hour past, I still can endure it.

Two hours... It's getting worst and I kept on pressing the button for the midwife but after she checked my cervix, she says it's getting nearer and she gave me the laughing gas but it doesn't help at all.

It was so unbearable that whatever the midwife asked me questions, I just ignored her.

I can feel my contractions every 2 minutes and again, I pressed for the bell. When she came in and checked my cervix, she was so excited that she told me not to push because she could see my baby's head. She gave me words of comfort and says that my gynae will arrive in 15 minutes.

And yes!! At last my gynae came and he prepared himself and told me to push. One time, two times of pushing at last my lil prince was born. I was so happy and excited, my eyes filled with tears as my midwife put my baby on my chest.

I just can't believe my eyes! I thank God that he was so healthy. And again my hubby busy taking videos of him.

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