March Baby Facts: 5 Reasons To Love Your March Baby All The More!

March Baby Facts: 5 Reasons To Love Your March Baby All The More!

Did you know that your Marchling has some pretty incredible traits?

Are you expecting your little one this beautiful month of March? Or maybe you already have a child celebrating their birthday this month. Regardless, we want you to know that your baby is extra special because of some wonderful birth-month traits! Here are some amazing March baby facts that will make you adore your little love all the more.

March baby facts

Although these facts come across as rather random, they are actually based on statistics. Of course, these are not written in stone and may vary from child to child. But it might just help to understand your tot’s personality as they grow up.

So, here are some fun facts about your March-born little sweetheart!

March baby facts: #1

The high-flyers!

Does your little one simply love plane toys? Or do they love to fly paper planes? If they’re a March-baby, it’s no wonder! 

march baby facts

March baby facts: They can become pilots | Image: File Image

March babies are more likely to become pilots than babies born in any other month. Surprised? A study conducted by the Office for National Studies based in the UK found out this fun fact about March-born babies. How about a rockstar who flies his own jet? Well, for your little one’s imagination, the sky is the limit.

March baby facts: #2

They are optimistic!

These little bundles of joy capture the true spirit of positivity, as mentioned by a report in Time magazine. So if you find your little March warriors absolutely hopeful, literally marching ahead despite of all odds, it is thanks to their optimistic nature. 

March baby facts: #3

Hello boss babies!

At times, do you wonder who is in charge? Is it you or your little one? In the case of a March baby, it’s probably your little love who’s actually ordering everyone around. They are little CEOs in the making.

According to an article published in Huffington Post, a study was conducted at the University of British Columbia in Canada about children’s leadership potential. The findings of this study revealed that babies born in March can be great company leaders. The theory that was put forth by the researchers states that March-born babies are mostly the eldest in a class, making them natural leaders. 

March baby facts: #4

The (astrological) fish or the ram!

Your baby’s astrological sign may either be Pisces (symbolised by the fish) or Aries (symbolised by the ram). Pisces-born children are helpful, wise, comforting and artistic people by nature. Whereas Aries-born children are not only headstrong and willful but also heroic and caring. 

If your little one loves to help their friends or is the go-to person for their siblings for all kind of trouble-shooting, encourage them to blossom into the compassionate beings that Pisces people are. Or, if they love to take charge and get things done in a daredevil manner, do encourage them, albeit keeping safety in mind.

March baby facts: #5

They are creative!

You may hate to go through labour at this time of the year. But you might find the trouble worth it as a study suggests that the babies born in this month can be creative as adults. The study was conducted by researcher Mark Hamilton of the University of Connecticut.

march baby facts

March baby facts: They can be highly creative. | Image: file image

If your March-born child is forever engrossed in art, they’re on the right track. Encourage their artistic tendencies and watch them shine!

According to the American Gem Society, March-born babies can use aquamarine and bloodstone as their personal jewel. The flower of this month is the daffodil because it is associated with new beginnings and birth. 

March baby facts: celebrities born in this month

Some famous celebs born in the month of March are Justin Bieber, Mariah Carey, Lady Gaga, Eva Mendes, Bryan Cranston, Bryce Dallas Howard, William H. Macy, Shaquille O’Neal, Lauren Graham, Lily Collins, Bruce Willis, Elton John, and Holly Hunter.

Maybe your Marchling will be the next celebrity the world has been waiting for? 


Source: Romper

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