Science say August babies are awesome! Here are 5 reasons why

Science say August babies are awesome! Here are 5 reasons why

What makes August babies so special?

If you are an August born baby, or a mum-t0-be just counting down the days to pop, happy birth month! If you already know some amazing people born in the month of August, we're not surprised at all.

In fact, it is pretty amazing how resilient August born babies are. Born towards the end of the academic year, August born babies have to constantly push themselves to catch up with the others born ahead of them. If that isn't an amazing achievement already, then we don't know what else is.

Surely, you would want to read on about the other amazing traits of August babies. Here are five reasons validated by science why being an August born baby is just so awesome!

5 August born baby traits:

1. Get ready for a big baby!

august born baby

Of course, ultimately, if you overeat or if you're overdue, you will end up having a big baby too. But surprisingly enough, August born babies are also known to have higher birth weights according to statistics.

Perhaps it was all the ice creams eaten during the hot season? Do be careful though if you're looking forward to a vaginal birth (ouch). Also, you're still nurturing the little one growing inside of you. So remember to stick to foods high in nutrition and cut back on empty calories.

2. They're more likely to be tall later in life

august born baby

An August born baby also has a higher chance of being taller than the rest when they grow up says this study. The research suggests that this is due to pregnant mums getting enough vitamin D exposure during the hotter months. However, if you are out in the sun a lot, do remember to put some pregnancy-safe sunscreen on.

3. They are less likely to be bipolar

august born baby

Rejoice if you're an August born baby because you're pretty level-headed! No unpredictable mood swings to torment you and others in your life! 

Your September cousins have this same plus point too according to a 2012 study published in the journal PLOS One. Again, researchers think its the prenatal vitamin D that is contributing to this, although more research will be needed to determine exactly why.

4. They are happy-go-lucky

august born baby

Do you believe in luck? Believe it or not, a study was done in 2005, and findings show that people born between March and August tend to consider themselves lucky! Personally, we don't really believe in luck, but we do believe in making good and sound choices. Remember how resilient August babies are? We think that's why they make sensible decisions that lead to a better outcome in life.

5. They have a more positive outlook on life

august born baby

Resilient, great decision maker and feeling lucky all the time, I guess that's why an August born baby has a more positive outlook on life. Anyhow, whether it is you or your baby that's an August baby, the world can do with a lot more positive and upbeat people because life is too short to be flooded with worries.


Source: Motherly

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Rosanna Chio

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