Man murders nagging wife

Man murders nagging wife

After being married for over 20 years, a man in Malaysia lost control of his emotions and brutally murdered his wife for nagging at him. Does your spouse have issues controlling his anger?

Tragedy struck in a remote plantation in Sabah's east coast Kinabatangan district, when an Indonesia plantation worker stabbed his wife to death.

The reason for this sudden brutality? His 41-year-old wife was not happy that he wasn’t pulling his weight and helping her out with the household chores.

His emotions boiled over when his wife had nagged at him for being “good for nothing” as he was too lazy to work and support the family of eight.

As their two-year-old toddler was crying, the man grabbed a knife and stabbed his wife to death as she frantically tried to get away from him.

After realisation set in, the man panicked and started stabbing himself multiple times.

When the police arrived, the 39 year old was rushed to a hospital in Lahad Datu, where he is now in stable condition.

man stabs wife

Man stabs wife: Nagging as a justification for murder?

We all know that nagging has the ability to drive us up the wall and get on our very last nerve, but murder is simply unjustifiable. Both partners in a relationship have different expectations from their spouses and tempers are bound to fly when things don’t work out as planned. It’s understandable that this man’s wife would have been upset that he was not working hard to support their six children.

Perhaps she should have approached the issue in a less aggravating manner, but it still does not excuse his behaviour. To viciously take the life of the mother of his six children, simply because she wanted him to contribute more to the family, was an extremely selfish act.

It can be extremely dangerous to be married to someone who doesn’t have good control over his or her emotions. In this case, the man’s inability to manage his anger ended in tragedy.

Here are some telltale signs of someone with anger management problems

Irrational anger at small incidences

If your spouse blows up consistently over small matters like a misplaced key or a member of the family dropping a plate or glass, there could be a high chance that he is battling anger management issues.

Refusal to let go of past events

Another warning sign is the refusal to forgive or let go of events in the distant past that have made him angry or upset. This shows that it is exceedingly difficult for him to let go of his anger. This can cause problems within his immediate family, and eventually his marriage as well.

Inability to think straight when angered

Has your spouse ever destroyed household items, or even hit you, while the two of you were having an argument and then say he “simply lost it”? The inability to think rationally while angry is a telltale sign that this person allows his emotions get the better of him.

If you feel that you or your spouse may be suffering from anger management problems, it’s advisable to seek help as soon as possible to prevent issues from getting dangerously out of control.

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