Mother who died in Malaysian bus crash was celebrating her wedding anniversary

Mother who died in Malaysian bus crash was celebrating her wedding anniversary

She couldn't react fast enough because she was preparing milk for her son.

Wedding anniversaries are a time of celebration and fun. But for one family, their wedding anniversary celebration was met with tragedy. In a recent bus accident in Malaysia, a Singaporean mother lost her life as she was on her way up to Genting Highlands to celebrate her three-year anniversary with her husband. Malaysian bus accidents are unfortunately quite common.

Malaysian bus accidents: A life lost too soon

malaysian bus accidents

It is common to see Malaysian bus accidents happen around the Genting Highlands area. | Source: Yusry Mat Idris

Serina Mat Idris was on her way up to Genting Highlands with her husband, baby boy and other family members to celebrate her three-year wedding anniversary. 

The family was travelling to Genting Highlands on a Transtar Travel tour bus and had been seated at the top deck when the bus crashed into a stationary lorry. 

Serina and her son were seated at the front row. Her husband, Ahmad Sumidja, was seated in the second row and her brother, Yusry Mat Idris, was seated in the third row.

Her brother told The Straits Times that Serina had been wearing a seat belt but shortly before the accident, her son wanted milk. She unbuckled her seat belt and carried him over to their father, who was seated in the fifth row. 

As she was standing and preparing her son’s milk, the bus went barrelling into the stationary lorry. Though Yusry attempted to warn his sister of the impending crash, it was too late. The bus crashed into the lorry and Serina was thrown out of the front window of the bus.

The 27-year-old Singaporean childcare teacher and mother of one died at the scene. Five others were injured. Thankfully, the rest of Serina’s family walked away unscathed. 

This is a grim reminder to always wear your safety belt. 

Malaysia bus accidents common around Genting area

This is not the first time an incident like this has happened near the Genting Highlands area. The location is known for its dangerous, winding roads, which can get slippery this time of year.

Cameron Highlands, another popular holiday spot for Singaporeans to head to during the school holidays, is also a dangerous bet this time of year. Due to the monsoon season, heavy rain can cause landslides, which might put vehicles on the road in danger. 

Parents are cautioned to drive safe during this period, or postpone the trip to drier seasons. 

Source: AsiaOne

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