Make it a season of Love this Winter

Make it a season of Love this Winter

Tips on how to rekindle the romance this winter

Winter is perhaps the most important season of loving and lovemaking. The rainy weather often makes you stay indoors, which is a great way to rediscover your relationship and rekindle the romance.

It is important to get rid of that TV remote and give complete attention to the needs of your partner.

Stealing kisses under the mistletoe is a good way to rekindle the romance this season. Only be sure that they are steamy and long drawn kisses and not just the peck and go types.

If you are bored with staying at home, take time out to head across the border to a nice resort. Ensure that your resort has a spa so you can use the hot tub, sauna and the pool, which enhances your sexuality and sensuality. And leave the kids behind with grandma!

Even if you can't take the time out, make sure that you do not follow your sexual routine this season. Spice it up by indulging in early morning sex instead of the good old nightly routine.

Dust out your sexy lingerie and start using it, instead of just letting it sit pretty in your closet! And finally, after tucking the kids into bed, consider having desert in bed and feeding each other while at it.

There can be no better aphrodisiac than champagne, strawberries, chocolate and whipped cream in bed... it will definitely rekindle the romance this season.

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Written by

Sandra Ong

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