How to maintain your toddler’s interest in the potty

How to maintain your toddler’s interest in the potty

Potty training becoming a boring and painful task to deal with, especially because your child has no interest in it? Learn how to make it fun and exciting for your kids, so they can enjoy this essential life-lesson.

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Learning to use the potty can and should be an exciting adventure in the life of a toddler. Hey, it’s a big deal and should be treated as one! Making it fun and exciting — that’s the secret to keeping your toddler interested in using the potty and ultimately being diaper-free.

What’s so exciting about the potty

The key to igniting passion in a child (or anyone for that matter) is to letting them know what’s in it for them. What personal satisfaction will they get out of it? So when it comes to potty training, you need to make sure your toddler is constantly aware of the joys, rewards and satisfaction that comes with using the potty. Here’s how:

  • Make it a source of pride: Using the potty is such a big boy/girl thing to do!
  • Make it appealing: When they use the potty instead of their diaper or undies, they are praised and rewarded.
  • Make it practical: When you don’t have to lug diapers and wipes around, you have room for them to take a favorite toy or a healthy snack on errands or to the park
  • Make it fun: Having fun-looking undies to wear each day is a lot cooler than bulky old diapers.
potty training

Read more on how to make potty training fun for your child!

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Backing up what you say

Maintaining your toddler’s interest in using the potty has more to it than just using words of praise and encouragement. It’s about proving that what you say is true.

  • Allowing your toddler to see you use the bathroom and encouraging them to do the same so they can be a big boy/girl, too, is great. But why not add to that? Allow them to reach another ‘big kid’ milestone when they consistently use the potty. Moving out of the high chair, making choices in what they wear are ‘big kid’ responsibilities
  • Small rewards to go along with the words of praise are great incentives for remaining interested in using the potty. Stickers, healthy snacks, and blowing bubbles are great incentives.
  • Potty training is all about change. Change can be scary and difficult. So make sure you add an element of change that is fun for your toddler in potty training.

It all comes down to…

Just like possession is nine-tenths of the law, attitude is nine-tenths of getting something accomplished. When it comes to keeping your toddler interested in potty training, your attitude has the power to make it or break it. So…smile, be patient, calm and persistent. It will happen one way or another.

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