Maid abuses children in Singapore, hits their private parts!

Maid abuses children in Singapore, hits their private parts!

A Filipino maid has been jailed in Singapore for abusing her employer's children and injuring their private parts!

The 2-year-old toddler wanted to go to the toilet. She was not able to hold it in, and ended up peeing in her underwear.

Her angry maid however, did not take it lightly, and warned her not to wet her pants again. She took a rubber band and shot it at the the little girl's private part (on the vulva), and pinched her on the area, before dressing her up. The baby girl cried.

Mum discovers injury

They were holidaying in Malaysia in November 2015, when the little girl's mum noticed injuries on her private area when it was diaper change time.

The girl revealed that the maid had caused the injuries.


The father asked another of their daughters, a 5-year-old, if she had been similarly abused by the maid. The girl had then been complaining of pain during urination. The parents realised she had bruises on her private area too. Apparently, she had been punished by the maid for bed wetting.

Two abrasions were found on the each of the girls when they were examined by the doctors. At the Child Guidance Clinic, the older girl told the doctors that the maid had threatened to beat her up if she told her parents about the abuse.

Maid jailed in Singapore

According to The Straits Times, on Jan 3 (Tuesday), Filipino maid Gernalyn Saraza Mutas, 30, was sentenced to 30 months' jail and found guilty of two counts of child abuse, which happened sometime in mid-November 2015.

It also came to light that on one occasion the maid had forcefully grabbed the neck of her employer's 10-year-old daughter with her hand; this was also taken into consideration while sentencing.

The maid, who also happens to be a trained midwife, had been working for this family for the last three years.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Dora Tay opined that a harsh sentence is needed to prevent caregivers from abusing the trust placed in them to look after the vulnerable and young. Such victims were still unable to fully comprehend the harm that was inflicted on them.

How do we know for sure if the maid is treating our children properly? Especially if the child is too young to talk or communicate? Here are some pointers:

  • CCTV Cameras : This allows us to know what's happening in our homes, even when we are on the go. It is however important to let the maid know of the existence of such a camera, lest she complains of breach of privacy.
  • Pop-in-unannounced : Don't stick to fixed timings. Come home early once in while to see what's really happening.
  • Set clear guidelines : Explain to your maid on how she should treat your child. Be clear on whether she is allowed to discipline your child, and how she is to do that. Sometimes leaving things unsaid could cause her to use her own tactics, which may not be how you like things done.


  • Observe your child for warning signs : Monitor your child. Is he sleepier than normal or not eating well? Check his body for any signs of bruising. Pay attention when he seems scared around the maid.
  • Hire experienced hands : When on the lookout for someone to take care of your little one, always check if she has prior experience in doing so. Inexperienced hands may lack the maturity and patience to deal with your child. Talk to referees and previous employers, before you take the big step.
  • Don't overload your maid: Many a time, the maid vents her frustrations on the child because she's too stressed or tied up with her work. Make sure that she is healthy, and has enough sleep and energy for all her tasks.
  • Never abuse your maid : Do not abuse your maid, be it physically or verbally. It is inhuman and totally against the law. Plus they might get vengeful, and take it out on your children.

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(Source: The Straits Times)

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