Kids at harm in maids' hands

Kids at harm in maids' hands

In separate incidents, two Indonesian maids were found guilty of trying to inflict harm on their employer's kids.


Children abused by maids

Children abused by maids

The Straits Times reports shocking incidents of maids trying to inflict harm on their employer’s kids.

The first incident is that of an Indonesian maid who put detergent inside the tin of milk powder that was for her employer’s twin boys. Titin Agustiana revealed that she did this “unwholesome thing” because she was unhappy about her employer who kept on criticising her work performance.

The second incident is that of another Indonesian maid who held a pair of scissor’s near to the body of her employer’s baby boy while threatening to kill him. Nuhasanah was demanding her employer to send her home.

What can parents do to ensure that the maids that they hire are really trustworthy? What steps can they undertake to prevent incidents like these from happening to their family?


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