This Husband’s Love And Dedication To His Wife Will Bring You Tto Tears!

This Husband’s Love And Dedication To His Wife Will Bring You Tto Tears!

Can a single incident change our lives forever? We learn how uncertain life is through the story of Chandru and Pinky. Read on to find out more about this heart wrenching love story.

Pinky and Chandru are a match made in heaven. This true–life fairy tale began 19 years ago when Chandru met Pinky at the young age of 16.

Chandru says the moment he laid eyes on Pinky, he was smitten by how beautiful she was - both in her nature and looks! He remembers thinking she was just stunning in every way.

love dedication A husband's love dedication: Pinky and Chandru's story is a real life fairy-tale

However after getting to know her, it was her humility that really captured his heart.

Even Pinky’s mother Rani had noticed this romance in the making. She fondly remembers that when they were together with friends, Chandru tried to sit close to Pinky in order to be alone with her and talk to her. This convinced Rani and her husband that Chandru really liked their daughter.

It didn’t take long for Chandru to gather the courage to ask Pinky to marry him. He bought her chocolates and flowers and proposed to her, and she accepted!! And all this happened when he was just 16 years old.

'You are the queen of my heart'

Wedding bells chimed as Pinky and Chandru got married in 2004. A grand wedding ceremony was held in their honour. Pinky, in her stunning pink dress was the definition of a glowing bride.

love dedication Pinky and Chandru on their wedding day - pretty as a picture!

In his heartfelt wedding speech, Chandru said ‘My love, I truly, deeply love you, from the bottom of my heart – I will never leave you, nor forsake you. You are the queen of my heart and no other will take your place and I’ll forever love you!’

When things went wrong

Chandru never realised that these loving sentiments he made to his wife will be tested one day.

Their happy wedded life that was as much a fairy tale as their courtship, took a sharp turn in June of 2012. ( More details can be found at )

A tragic event took place that left Pinky in a state of ‘mental dullness’. This incident caused Pinky to suffer a great deal of blood loss resulting in cardiac arrest. This caused a severe diffused brain injury.

To this day, Pinky lies ‘asleep’ in their home in Bedok, Singapore.

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The aftermath of this tragedy

Chandru is now grappling with the consequences of what life dealt him. He is left to take care of their 6 year old daughter Rheanna – who remembers her mum as being her companion and mentor; and their 1 ½ year old son Ryan – who is still to embrace his mummy.

love dedication Mummy is still to cuddle this little angel

But it is Chandru who is left picking up the pieces of his once picture-perfect life. He misses his wife desperately as he recalls all the wonderful times they had together.

He says that Pinky was the perfect wife and mother, always meticulously pursuing perfection in every area of her life. Needless to say he has to be both Dad and Mum to his kids.

love dedication Pinky was an adoring mother to Rheanna

Pinky’s mother has moved in to help out with the kids, and Chandru feels this is a blessing as Rheanna who is growing more mature daily, needs a caring mother-figure in her life.

love dedication Rani, Rheanna and Pinky, during happier times.

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Chandru's dedication to his wife

In his heart wrenching love dedication to his wife, Chandru professes his undying love for his wife, and guarantees to abide by the vows they made on their wedding day.

He says ‘I miss you so much and I can’t live my life without you, and though I walk alone, I walk with a shadow of your love beside me.’

Watch Chandru’s love dedication to his wife below.

Hope and faith

Chandru feels that it’s his love for his gorgeous wife and his faith in God that keeps him going. He believes that Pinky will be completely healed and that they will be able to pick up their lives from where they left off.

love dedication Chandru is now both Mum and Dad to their two beautiful children.

This story no doubt tugs at our heart strings and makes us realise how uncertain life is, and we should cherish every second we spend with the ones we love. Hold your babies a little closer, tell your husband you love him, and then say it again, just for good measure!!

Chandru says “I miss every bit of her; I miss holding her soft smooth hands when I walk with her, I miss her smile, her laughter and most of all I miss being a complete family. I am lost without her and now, I never take what I have for granted, and cherish each moment I spend with my loved ones.”

All this loving husband wants is for you to spare a minute to think of Pinky and wish her a speedy recovery and maybe say a prayer for her. All he wants is for his life to return to normal and have his beautiful wife beside him again.

Chandru believes that his beautiful wife will be completely healed. Chandru believes that his beautiful wife will be completely healed.

Please take some time to visit the facebook page that Chandru has dedicated to his wife by clicking this link

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Written by

Minoli Almeida

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